Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making life easier

Love the warmer weather!!

One of the ways this Momma 2 Many makes her life easier is super simple:

The kiddos eat outside whenever possible!

Yup, so tonight we had a beef stroganoff dish.  Not exactly paper plate fare, eh?  Yet with some simple Tupperware bowls, cups and a few camping chairs, the kids had a nice dinner in the garage!  They also ate their lunch outside on the porch this afternoon.  When Dean isn't home for a meal, this is my plan - they eat OUTSIDE!!  Crumbs are not on my floor.  Spills are not stressful.  Kitchen clean-up is a breeze!

I even put Micah up in the doorway to the garage tonight for his diner ~ he was a bouncing-maniac!

Yes, we still have family dinners where we all sit around the dining room table - but we also have dinner outside all together sometimes too!  Sometimes it's around the fire pit, sometimes it's in the front yard!

And it seems they have put together a "Variety Show" of sorts together for these meals.  One person at a time stands in front of the others and performs.

Could be a song.  A dance.  A few jokes.  It's HILARIOUS!!

And completely heartwarming~


Anna said...

So FUN!! I do the same thing with my kids. Them eating outside just makes my life happier. Must be having a lot of kids close in age, cause my kids are always putting on "shows" for each other and us! It is the cutest thing ever. The other night they are were patting the babies music toy so she would kick her legs - that was her contribution to the night's entertainment!

BTW, your new house looks so amazing! We have an offer in on a place with 2.5 acres - praying it goes through!!

Tina said...

I've done the eating outside thing a lot in the summers. It all started with the pool. My boys were wet all summer, so I fed them outside, so they could just jump back in it after eating. Saved me a lot of grief. Love the variety show thing!