Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roll Call

Ok, y'all, here's the deal.  I searched everywhere for a decent "gallery" style blog template - I mess around with it for HOURS trying to get it to do what I want - I mess with blogger forever....blah, blah, blah....

And I deleted all my blogs.

See I deleted my widgets, not thinking too much of it.  I was bored of most of them, just wanted to start fresh, yet now...well, I miss you guys.

So please, help a sister out, would ya?!  Leave me your blog addy in the comments, so I can find my way around the web again to your sites.  I can also make up a new Blog Roll widget.  I need more widgets.  Cool widgets.  I just like to say widget.

Hope to "see" y'all very soon~

p.s.  one of our frogs has itty-bitty front legs now.....looks a lot like this pic:


LLJ said...

very creative, Lori!
That is one honking Tadpole! My boy, Preston, would love to have one of those! Well, the girls would too!

Tina said...

When you said blogs, I heard posts. And then I started thinking of how you could use bloggers backup to restore them and...then I realized you meant other people's blogs. I'm thinking you still know how to find me from fb, but anyway, I'm at:
or you can get there right now

Julie said...

Ya lost me?? :) Here I am!