Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Time Schoolin'

I know it's not quite summer yet, but it might as well be around here!  It's been fairly hot, the sprinkler has been put into use and we're down to mostly just math & reading daily (except for the daily science experiments from the backyard!).

Our days look a lot like this:

Get up, play some Wii, eat some breakfast. (let Momma have some coffee for goodness' sakes)
Brush teeth, get dressed, clean up rooms.
Do a page of math.
Throw on bathing suit and play outside for 3 hours.

Eat lunch outside 'cause Momma won't let you inside covered with grass.
Run frantically to the bathroom 'cause you've been holding it for 3 hours!

Get dried off, read lots of books, take a nap.
Do another page of math.
Check on all science experiments in the kitchen.
Run back outside, play until Daddy gets home & dinner is ready.
(and when Selah sees the school bus drop the kids off across the street she says, "Why do they do that *every* day, Momma?".....she doesn't know any different from her own hs'ing life!)

Finish off the day with more playing, watering the garden, picking up the yard....
*take a bath if Momma says you HAVE to*

go to bed really late 'cause it's summer ~ AWESOME!!

Tomorrow they're calling for rain, so maybe we'll get more Math & Phonics done ~ and probably a movie or two....I *gotta* clean sometime, right?!

(Oh, and we're checking out some geo-thermal options.  Anyone have any thoughts on that??)

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