Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remember this?

Remember cute lil' loose-leaf lettuce sprouting up?

Now I've got counters full of ready-to-eat lettuce!
The kiddos and I can break off this much every other day or so ~ with more on the way 
(if I can keep it from bolting...)

And I'm even pulling up some green onions ~ YUM!!

I'm really getting into this whole garden thing!  Every evening I go out and pull a few weeds, check on my lil' green tomatoes, my itty-bitty bell peppers, thin my crowded carrots (oops!), pull some big ol' lettuce leaves - then I check on my new romaine lettuce that is coming up - plus my cilantro.

My husband has been observing my new hobby ~ the other day he asked how I liked my lil' garden.  When I told him how fun it was, he said, "You're gonna want another raised bed next year, aren't you??"

YUP!!  (or two...;)


Brooke said...

I agree Lori. I am loving it too. I was out there this morning to check on the Romaine...I wanted to eat it! : ) Needs a bit longer though. I've got a ton of little buds coming on the pumpkin plant and more turnips soon. I pulled out one of those baby carrots like you had done the other day just to see it! Also, the cilantro has started flowering! Who knew? It's about waist high and they are so pretty. Looking forward to corn and tomatoes!

ok. Glad you are enjoying it!!!

*Michigan Momma* said...

So, is it okay that the cilantro is flowering?? 'Cause with certain veggies, that's bad - but I have no idea about herbs & such.

Still looking for a tiller so I can get some pumpkins in - I'd better hurry or we won't have them in time for Oct. (or they won't have time to get big enough....)

Maybe I can try by hand, somehow. I need to just dig up some of the topsoil, then mound up some dirt. But we don't even have a shovel. How can we live in the country and not own a SHOVEL!?!? Crazy~

Steve Popplewell said...

Mom and I will help. Both of us are anxious and will love to work in the garden or two or three...

Love ya,


Brooke said...

So I read up on the cilantro. The flowering means it has run its course. I read a suggestion to let it flower and then seed. From the seeds I can replant OR harvest the seeds and grind them for fresh corriander! Yummo!

*Michigan Momma* said...

I wonder if there's a way to prevent the flowering or at least hold it back a while? Like, if I harvest more of the cilantro leaves, will it continue to produce more? Or does it not matter? Cause I could harvest TONS, then dry it, right?!

Maybe I should just check on this myself, huh? Just wondered what you had discovered....;)

I have a small grinder, so I could grind up the corriander - but what in the world do I season with corriander???? Ack! So much to learn~