Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My June Garden

Ok, here's my garden in May - we were eager to get started....
perhaps a bit too eager ~ we ended up with a few nights of possible frost
thought we were gonna lose a tomato plant or two...

Yet here we are, towards the end of June, doing *fabulously*!
(ok, you can stop laughing at all my onions now.  really. stop ~ I like onions!)
There are red, yellow & green onions.  I had my first green onion in my salad today - nice flavor.

Here's my loose-leaf lettuce ~ wasn't sure this is really what I wanted at the time, but now I'm loving my salad bowls!!  Three different types of lettuce.  YUM-O

Somehow, a bit of lettuce got in with the green onions....;)

Here are my carrots - yes, I know they're crowded.
I've thinned them out a bunch so we'll have a few good sized carrots eventually.

Here's some bitty carrots that I thinned today ~ just barely orange.

My early-girls.  These were the first tomatoes to show up - giving me hope that my tomatoes were gonna make it...

Then I must have caged the bigger early-girl too late - I bent a stalk while putting it in the cage - now I'm just waiting & hoping it can heal.  
Time will tell.....I'll still be able to get plenty of tomatoes, but I'd hate to lose that stalk...bummer.

Here's some of my roma tomatoes.  They are much more bush-like plants.  Not sure if that is simply the variety, or if it's from the frost we got that nearly killed 'em.  
Obviously, they're NOT dead ~ can't wait for these!!

My first green bell pepper!

Second batch of rhubarb ~ I've already broken off the "bolted" flower from my rhubarb, pulled most of it out - then waited for it to grow back, which is DID!
I've made up some quite yummy strawberry rhubarb muffins ~ delish!
(I think this is just as red as this variety gets - not sure, it was here when we bought the house - tastes good in the muffins!)

And here ya go, Mom!  The old wheel barrel, painted a bright red!  
I'm gonna get the flowers in there asap!


Beth said...

Being a garden lover, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on posting.

Tina said...

Your garden is looking great! Have you tried rhubarb compote? That's what we made all the time in Sweden when we had a huge patch. It's delicious.