Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Reflection

I can see myself.... the way Elijah screams when he's frustrated. the stubborn look Selah gives when things don't go her way. Isaac's desire to please and be "a good boy". the defiance that rises up in Talitha when faced with restrictions.

...yes, even in Micah's complete focus on his baby-desires.

It's a warped version, but it's undeniable.  That's me....*my* stubborness, *my* selfishness, *my* defiance and even my desire to appear like I've got it all together.  Ugh.  It's NOT a pretty picture.

Yet what a blessing!  If I see these things in my children, if it's ME reflected in them, there's an easy way to deal with it:  change.  I don't have to change them, change others, change the world.  I have to change me!  At least that's something I can actually do ~ with the mighty power of my God, that is!

So the next time your children are defiant, stubborn, obnoxious, unkind, lazy or selfish.....ask yourself if you can see your reflection.  Then ask God to help YOU!


Shelley said...

Word! Sister!! So true! Thanks for the post.

Tina said...

Yep. Unfortunately. Good post.

Janet said...

You also reflect God!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Janet ~ thanks for the reminder!! You are totally right~

LLJ said...

I love what Janet said! I think Lydia got all my gunk; poor girl! She got the good of her dad though!!! It is funny how you can see yourself in your children, isn't it?! Youre right though, because when it is glaring at me, is when I know I have been off in my ways!
Thanks for sharing!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Wonderful post, thank you for sharing such wisdom. And, your kids are so, so adorable!!


mosey said...

wonderfully written and so beautifully true!