Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We interrupt this program....with SUMMER!!

~My Men~
Well, we've been busy this past week/weekend....and you KNOW I've snapped some pics here & there!

My & my sweet girls!
It's been HOT, HOT, HOT around here.

~3 cousin Princesses~
We also had some family visiting - so our lives have been quite full this past week!

Me & my oldest ~ so handsome!
With all this sun, I've even got some "color"....well, yes, it's mostly FRECKLES, I know, but I *like* my freckles.  Always have!  And I *LOVE* my kiddos freckles!  Enjoying the sun & trying to stay cool!

So we've got a short week - with lots to fill it up, including a splash-pad evening event & Cruise Night on the front lawn of our church & I think a movie (at the church?  parking lot?  "Cars"??  I can't remember...).  Plus it's less than 2 weeks 'till my mom arrives.  The kids are excited, can you tell??

Selah & Elijah looking in my parent's new bedroom window well.
Dean took this pic, btw, and I have since told the kiddos NOT to climb down into the window well.
I figured my parents probably don't want to wake up to THAT.....*yikes*

Before that happens though we have another time of visiting with Grammy & cousin Halen, plus a town parade that our family is participating in (Children's Ministry, of course!).  AND, Isaac needs to continue on with a summer's worth of MATH before fall arrives ~ this conflicts oh-so-greatly with his busy schedule of movies, Wii games, reading & time in the's a tough life!  ;)

If nothing else, I'll try to take lots of pics ~ and I'll also try to blog a bit here & there..........I've got something in the works, okay, well, a FEW things in the works......but I don't wanna talk about them until we're a bit further along in the process.  Until then....

Luv you all ~ hope you are truly enjoying your summer!!


LLJ said...

Great pictures! Fun times!

: )

Tina said...

Love the pictures! What body of water is that? Lake Michigan?? My sense of geography in that area is hazy...

*Michigan Momma* said...

@Tina, We live by Lake Huron - over in the thumb, right next to Canada. The lake is between MI & Canada.

Lake Michigan is across the state, over by Chicago & Wisconsin. Both are beautiful~

Technically, the water you see behind us in the pictures though is the St. Clair River ~ again, it's between Michigan & Canada. It's REALLY blue, hence the name around here, the "Blue Water Area"!!

Tess said...

KIDS IN THE WINDOW!!! Sooooo funny, the 1st time, after that...not so much. Actually, it would probably scare me to death, until I realized it was them. 8 days!

Tess said...

Note to self: ORDER BLINDS!