Sunday, June 27, 2010


(Can you see all the boat masts under the fireworks?  We watched the fireworks display over by the local yacht club)

We weren't really all that close ~ yet *some* of my children still felt the need to be cautious!
I finally was able to convince Isaac, about halfway through, that he honestly did NOT need to cover his ears.

I tried to take some fireworks pics ~ even used my camera's "Fireworks" setting ~ yet they all turned out kinda *squiggly*.  Oh well, it looks, um, interesting!

Elijah was the most fun to watch ~ 'cause that's what parents do during fireworks:  watch their own adorable children enjoying themselves!  He kept clapping and telling me how "awesome" it sweet!

We always have a really nice fireworks production around here ~ although I have been to ones where they play the National Anthem and lots of "patriotic" songs as they are lighting off the fireworks.  I really liked that - it added a lot.  It helped us all remember why we were there watching big explosions....
(and perhaps they DO play songs closer to the place where they actually light the fireworks - not sure)

~Micah was enthralled~
We ran into some people from our church, and ended up hanging out with another family. It was four adults & 11 children!  We have 5, they have 4, plus they were watching another 2 for the weekend.
I must be getting used to the chaos....I didn't bat an eye at all those kiddos!!  Seems perfectly normal to me ;)

And onto other topics...
Here are the pics of my *probably* raspberries in the backyard (well, just into the woods, really).

What do you think?  Raspberries?? 
None of them are turning red yet, so I'll have to be patient.....ha!

Just had to share - it's cute, eh??
(left behind in a flower bed by the former owners ~ she has an *amazing* green thumb!  Me?  Not so much.)

And here's my lil' man, trying out the big wheel in the garage.
He *so* wants to play outside with his big brothers & just *kills* him when they all run outside and there he is, stuck inside with Momma ~ BORING!  Poor fella....;~)

Alright, that's it - just wanted to share a few pics - off to bed...


Tina said...

I love how you celebrate your kids so joyously in your writing. Awesome pictures! Was this for Memorial Day? And I'm guessing blackberries.

Shelley said...

Micah and I became fast friends. I just keep feeding him popcorn and breadsticks. He is so calm and serene, much different from my bunch, too cute!! Hope you guys enjoyed the show, despite the weather.

*Michigan Momma* said...

Yes Shelley, you are now life-long friends with my lil' dude.....he was *loving'* that breadstick when he came back!

We had a great time ~ the Buckley's ended up hanging out with us during the actual show!

@Tina~ This was actually Fourth of July fireworks (yes, it's pretty early - I'm hoping we'll be able to go to another show this coming weekend).

And blackberries, huh? Well, I recently had some blackberry preserves and they were fantastic, so that would be awesome!!

LLJ said...

What a great night you had! : )
We only saw from a distance.

Cari said...

You have a beautiful pics on your it! Thanks for the comment on mine. I've needed to be real and open on our most recent experiences hoping that others who have BTDT could help, and they have PTL!