Thursday, August 26, 2010

101 Devotions for Homeschool Moms

Ok, so Angela asked which devotional book I was working through - I thought I would just post it here for everyone!    It is called "One Hundred & One Devotionals for Homeschool Moms" (I believe I got this from Leanne, along with lots of other hs'ing goodies ~ thanks Leanne!).

Click to read about this book.

The devotions are sweet & short, exactly what a busy, tired hs momma needs!  She has an honest prayer & questions to read as part of each devotional.  She asks the tough questions, such as how the HEARTS of your children are doing - not just their math scores.  She acknowledges the hard times, focuses on the blessings & reminds us where our REAL strength comes from!

Isaac & Selah working hard on their math workbooks (date is wrong!).

Some days I don't get to it ~ some days I read four devotions at once.  No, it's not destined to be a classic, yet for this season of life I am in, it's just what I need!  Thank you Lord~


Tina said...

Neal found us a pod cast devotional that's daily. However, I forget it sometimes...especially when one starts early and the other sleeps late...

LLJ said...

Aww, Your welcome! : )