Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I just can't do it!

It's too darn hot around here.  I can't even blog!

This is ridiculous.

We've had a few days of 90+ degree weather, with a few more on the way ~ it's plain ol' crazy, is what it is!

Nobody wants to go outside to play (who can blame 'em?!),  the AC seems to be running constantly (who can *afford* that?!), so I feel like a prisoner in my own stuffy home!!

In other news, my folks are slowly, but surely getting their home in order!  Today saw the arrival of a fridge, a stove/oven, a dryer, a microwave & a chest freezer.  I'm enjoying the opportunity to go downstairs for a cup o' joe every know & again and simply spending time with them!

Also, today brought the installment of Direct TV (or was it Dish?  whatever.) to our home.  We have been without cable/network tv for about 2 years now - not sure how I feel about this change yet??  I'm excited for certain things (like the Thanksgiving Day parade & the Food/History/Travel channels) and dreading other things (like non-stop football & my kiddos trying to become tv zombies....ugh).  Oh well, with the good, comes the bad ~ I'll have to do my best at setting limits & keeping a close eye on the little ones.

Tali & Momma

And lastly, I'm off to the VET tomorrow morning ~ yes, we have a pet!  I said no animals until ALL children were potty-trained but it appears no one told the farm cat from next door about my rule.  Insolent animal!  ;)  She's a sweetie, although I haven't completely decided on her name yet (nothing seems to feel right yet).  A cute calico kitty, who thankfully had NO problems learning about the litter box when we officially brought her indoors.  Now if only I could settle on a name.....ahhh, Kit-Kat, I believe!  Yes, our sweet kitty-cat is named "Kit-Kat"!  ~Love it~  (no one else cares, they just want me to settle on a name.....they just call her kitty)


So there ya go, this horrid weather has caused me to blabber-blog about randomness ~ sorry.  Sometime soon I'll get on the ball and blog about some upcoming school-type stuff.....maybe.  For goodness' sake, it's going to be September!  It's *gotta* cool down soon, it's just GOTTA!!

Later 'gators~


Tina said...

I'm thoroughly done with heat, too. Congrats on the cutie-pie kitty!

Jeni said...

It's going to cool down this weekend, hang in....it's coming, pretty oranges and golds and crisp apples and crunchy leaves to take long walks with a light "hoodie" on....it's comin!!

momto9 said...

we recently got cable and it's ok...do have to set limits though otherwise theyd sit there all day:) Mostly I got it for the older kids sake (teens) and they watch more while I keep the littles out of that room to do (play) better things:) It seems to be working and they know they can't watch the "big kid" shows:):) I let um watch toons though while I clean up! It helps:)