Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Student Photo Week

Yes, I missed a week.

I know you're all shocked.

Actually, we are working on a few different schooling "spaces", seeing as how we don't have a dedicated school ROOM.  I'll try to get some pics up of those spaces as we get them put together.....some day...;)

Yet for *this* week, the Not Back To School Blog Hop (@ Heart of the Matter) is focused on Student Photos.  Those I got!  Here's some pics of my crew:

Isaac:  almost 9yob, 3rd grade
determined, innocent, people-pleaser, structured, very sweet, black-n-white kind of kid

Isaac & Momma: Summer 2010
Isaac trying to roast a weiner....trying.
Isaac driving a couple of his siblings & a cousin around the yard.

Selah:  7yog, 2nd grade
Emotional,, loving, maternal, musical, funny, extremely helpful, alpha girl

climbing trees in our yard
at a local history fair
a girly-girl through & through

Talitha:  5yog, Kindergarten
all-grown up ~ yet thumb-suckin'/hair-twirlin', no-fear, creative, imaginative, musical & stu-u-ub-born!!

Daddy's lil' girl
always ready to tackle a problem
5th b-day ~ such a sweetheart!

Elijah:  3yob, pre-school
100% all-boy!  Yet oh-so-sweet to his Momma ~ dirty, independent, tough & stubborn 
(I'm noticing a trend here.....)

Yup, he's dirty.
REALLY dirty!
From time to time he's washed up - but it never lasts...

Micah:  1yob (almost 18mo)
Loves his family, trying to keep up with his siblings, always laughing ~except when he's crying!
My sweet, huggy, and yes, STUBBORN, lil' man!

just getting old enough to really start liking the outdoors

can sometimes be a bit shy....and *adorable*

always ready to share a smile!



~The CRAZY Crew~


SmallWorld at Home said...

You look like you have a really FUN family! What a bunch of beautiful kids!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

What a beautiful family! I loved reading your fun descriptions of your kiddos:)

Denise said...

Oh my, what cute photos! Thanks for sharing~ looks like you have fun.

Tina said...

So nice to see pictures of all of you. Wow, they grow fast!

blessedbygod said...

Great pictures of your babies. What a precious family. Enjoy your year and be blessed.

Jeni said...

Stubborn huh? haha I think I might have to use that word if I did a photo spread on my blog too....but not for me, no no not from me or you right?...must get that trait from their dads, yeah Mike and Dean...they're the stubborn ones right?? lol ADORABLE! you're inspiring!!

*Michigan Momma* said...

@Jeni ~ ABSOLUTELY!! Definitely Dean & *has* to be 'cause it's not US!!


LLJ said...

haha! Oh, I loved these pics and your comments! and Jeni's comment and then your comment! Haha!

These pics made me miss all your kiddos!

: )