Saturday, September 4, 2010

~Autumnal Anticipation~

My fall decorations were put up early this year.

"Kit-Kat" enjoying her new bed.
(actually my parent's doggie-bed that their dog won't use)

Yes, normally I have been attempting to wait until Oct. 1st for this wonderful turning of the seasons.....but this year, well, I just couldn't wait!  And really, WHY wait??  I *love* fall.  Beautiful colors, delicious smells, natures amazing display.....if this truly is my favorite season, why not have my decorations out for 3 months instead of 2?!

And I'm *so* very happy I did ~ pictures to come later....

Talitha *loves* her food.
So many FANTASTIC fall foods to choose from!

The kiddos & I ~ fall, a few years back!

We have also decided to hit the apple orchard/pumpkin/fall harvest farm early this year!  Last year, we waited (too long) and by the time we got there, it was slim pickin's indeed.  We are trying out a new farm this year, Blake Farms Cidermill.  Not only do they have the orchard, the pumpkins, the cider, the doughnuts, the petting zoo, the train ride, the hayride, the corn maze, the Barnyard Funyard.....but they also have a Christmas Tree Farm located there as well!  So we just might have to check back with this farm in a few more months as well ~ how exciting!!

Apple Orchard 2009

Selah, my scarecrow!

Check back later this week...I'll try to have some pics up by then.  I've got to blog about Isaac skating party, the fall decorations, the baking going on around here, my homeschool preparations, my husband's pastoral journey, the current joys (& horrors) of our potty-training life, our daily schedule ideas, the fall fest.....oh, you know, tons of stuff!!

Tractor rides w/ Papa!

Micah's first Thanksgiving - 2009

You know, there are times when I'm completely overwhelmed by this whole parenting thing.  I sit, I cry, I ask God how I can keep going, day after day after day.  I am unable to look beyond the mess, the chaos, the bickering, the whining, the drudgery.

Yet every once in a while, God *makes* me see the other stuff:  the special moments, the smells, the cute smiles, the sweet gestures, the kind moments, the loving attitudes.  He allows me to see how the day to day grind really *does* make a difference (and how it doesn't HAVE to be so boring & mundane).  He infuses me with JOY ~ and the more I look to Him for my joy, rather than trying to squeeze it from myself & my circumstances, the more He gives to me!

Real joy ~ the good stuff ~ His blessings!!

May you all look to God for your joy today~


LLJ said...

Have a great day today, Lori! It is a "fall" kinda day!

Tina said...

I am SO ready for fall. So ready. It was 95 hideously wrong for September. Can't wait to see the pictures.

momto9 said...

what a wonderful post...dripping with thankfulness. fall is my favorite season too and can't wait to go to the pumpking patch with the kids:)

Kerry said...

I can't wait for some apple recipes...hint, hint ;-) Your blog is fun to read and sometimes I think you read my mind.

Just got a note home from Jakers today that McCallum's Orchard is having a Kids' Day this Saturday from 12-4. Just FYI, in case you need some more apples.

Anonymous said...

Okay this is funny... i saw your comment on Blake Farms facebook page, and since I worked there, I looked around at the posts other people put out...aaaaand clicked around on a few random profiles. So I found yours and was so excited because I read on your info that 1) you're a Believer, 2) you're a 'designer', and 3) you HOMESCHOOL! YAY!

So I had to check out your blog simply because I'm all three of those--including the homeschool part. I'm already graduated, but I still am a homeschool advocate. When I saw you homeschool, I got pretty excited--there aren't too many of us out there.