Wednesday, September 22, 2010

school, sickness & signatures

Just a quick update post:

SCHOOL:  School has started (although about a week behind the public schools, but hey, that's one of the reasons we love hs'ing ~ flexibility!!).  Talitha (K) is especially excited and loves to do her reading lessons each day.  Isaac (3rd) had a hard time the first few days, just getting back into the routine and realizing how much was going to be expected of him each day this year.  He seems to be settling in nicely now.  Selah (2nd) is pretty easy-going about school.  She knows what has to be done ~ some days, she does it lickity-split, other days, not so much....yet overall, she likes hs'ing and the freedom it allows her in other areas (like getting her work done quickly then playing outside for HOURS!!).

Lastly, the little boys are doing great!  Elijah does his own "school" - since he's not even in pre-school yet (he's 3), I just give him some coloring pages, maybe a page emphasizing a particular letter or dot-to-dot pages.  He also gets to practice cutting, pasting, stencils, etc.  Fun stuff, right there!!  And Micah - he's adorable!  He's starting to talk up a storm (more than any of my other kiddos at this age: 18 months).

Now my kiddos want to know what day God will put another baby in my tummy......*sigh*......need prayers on that front.

SICKNESS:  I'm sick.  Just sinusy-grossness.  In my throat, ears, face, head....yup.  That's gross.  I'm recovering, yet not as quickly as I would like.  Another day or two and I should *finally* be good to go!

SIGNATURES:  Ok, I was stretching a bit with this one...;)  I just wanted to include the news that my wonderful husband is now "officially" a Pastor with the Missionary Church!  (See?  His *signature* has changed....get it?!  Ok, I know it was a stretch....I know, I know.)  I'm just so happy for him & proud of him ~ he has worked really hard, and I just really love seeing him happy!!  Way to go, honey~

*on a different note, that officially makes ME a Pastor's Wife....which is weird....just not something I thought was going to happen to me.  Ever.  God's ways and all.....;)

p.s.  I'm sitting here eating some of my homemade, chunky, cinnamon applesauce.  Delish ~ and super easy!  I love learning all this new stuff as a wife & momma ~ stuff I didn't even know that I wanted to learn ~ thank you God, you know me better than I do!


Jeni said...

You are a fabulous mama Lori...I loved this post! Home IS where our hearts are isn't it? hope you feel better real soon, had that last week..blah!! Ya know you can't really just stop and be sick can ya? I tried and no one like that idea! haha

*Michigan Momma* said...

Ya, I tried to "just stop" and be sick....that didn't go over too well at my house either. Weird. ;)

I'm feeling *much* better today - no sinus-y sickness - I just feel kinda weak when I try to do anything beyond, oh, sitting on my bum. Ha! At least I feel well enough to do the kid's choir tonight and don't feel like I'll be infecting them all in the process!

see ya tonight~