Friday, November 12, 2010


It's a been a long time, no?

What can I say?  I'm busy.  I can be lazy.  Things come & go.  
Yet I love to blog, so I always come back.  Eventually.
And YOU are still here with me, amazing!!

So, onto some very random, VERY realistic pics ~ I've got some more for tomorrow, but here's a start:

Selah loves Kit-Kat.  Kit-Kat loves Selah.
Yes, that's me in the background, still making homemade laundry soap & I still think it's a great value!
Notice the fridge door hanging open....arg...

Here's Isaac working on his school work.  His very first day, in fact.
Notice all the junk on the desk.  I could tell you exactly what happened, but needless to say, the entire contents of my purse have been dumped on that desk.....and they are still here, as I type tonight.

This is what happens when the stay-at-home-homeschoolin' Momma of 5 doesn't enjoy the chore of dishes.
Just to put your mind at rest, yes, I DID clean up this kitchen today and we aren't normally this lax....but hey, things happen.

During a lull in the day, I wandered the house looking for my children.
(while Isaac was learning how to navigate his computer curriculum)  
I found the living room a bit disheveled and thought the tv was on with no one watching it.....

Until I looked closer and found this 3yo cutie-pie!
He was surrounded by every blanket in our blankie-basket, relaxing on Momma's pillow with his lil' stuffed doggie ~ watching cartoons!
Ahhhh...the life!
(ya, what's with the dress shoe on the couch??  I have no idea.  I'm guessing Micah was in the kids' closet.)

I found this handsome fella playing with "Thomas".
(What you can't tell from this photo is the time.  I'd say it's about 1pm.  
Yes, those are his jammies.  What?!?)

Selah was breaking in the new "game computer" upstairs.
Micah was there for tech support - well....he DOES likes to push the buttons!

And Talitha was attempting to learn how to use the Game Cube - recently given to us.
(Yes, the "entertainment center" is dying a slow, painful death.  Piece by piece...)
Notice how every. single. one. of my children is glued to some type of screen.
(And it was quiet in my house, for 5 minutes)
Nope, I don't really mind so much!

Selah has a solo/trio as a girl from the 40's in the upcoming Kid's Musical.
Those are her Great-GREAT-Grandmother's pearls.
~She feels like a queen~
(and she sounds awesome too!)

Isaac plays a boy named Hank from that same era.
How cute is that??
When I first made him try these short pants on, he thought I was gonna make him wear them regularly.  As in, just regular ol' clothes.  He told me they were "too tight right here" (the knee) and he wasn't sure they could keep his legs warm during the winter.  Cute kid.  He was very relieved when I explained they were part of his COSTUME for the play.  Adorable. 

And lastly, we carved our Jack-O-Lanterns this evening, while waiting for daddy to finish his meeting.
Yes, the date today is Nov. 11th.

I had a lot of fun!!
Oh did my kids.  ;)

Maybe I'll blog more now that the weather is cooling off.
Maybe not.

Either way, enjoy the day the Lord has given you ~ it'll be gone before you know it!
Off to bed...
*yes, it's 2am.  What?!?*


Tina said...

I really enjoy your blog. You are honest, and funny, and real. You set a great example of how to be a Momma, and your kids are thriving because of it! That picture of Micah playing with Thomas brought back a lot of memories of my two and their Brio. They STILL, at 11 and almost 14, play with it. It's great that through technology, we can still be an almost daily part of each other's lives through fb and blogging. Happy fall!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Awww, Tina, thank you! I pray my boys will grow up and STILL be playing with one another after many, many years....*sniff*

I too love hearing about your daily life. I have VERY fond memories of Colorado....I hope someday we can come back for a visit, so the kids can see where we lived for a few years in their baby years. Just beautiful~

DannielleSB said...

Kit-kat is just LOVING the attention.

Just a tip... Isaac will need knee-high socks/stockings.

Selah will need matching gloves and a little purse that matches the gloves. :-) And of course a petticoat.

Glad to see you are back w/a few photos! Your kids are getting so big!

I've tried the homemade soap, but it didn't work for us. It didn't do a very good job of cleaning any of our clothes. Glad it works for you all!

LLJ said...

: )
this made me SMILE!