Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Family Member...

No, it's not a baby.

(just letting some people relax right off the bat.....good or bad!)

Nope, we now have a dog!

Well, we *had* a dog - Tobias, aka:  Toby, who is my parents dog - but this is another dog.  A much larger dog!!

Meet "Razor", our new doggie!

He's a doberman pinscher, about 5 yo, and sweet as a pussy-cat!  He's huge, and well, his name *is* RAZOR - so most people are a bit taken a back at first, but really - no, *really* - he's a great dog.  Even our skittish Kit-Kat warmed up to him really quickly, see.....;)

That officially makes it 9 people & 3 pets in this big ol' house!  (I refuse to count the numerous "pets" my children gather during the warmer months).  Oh my goodness.  

Apparently, I'm insane.


Tess said...

Well...maybe insane is a little strong.
He's really a great dog. (so far) lol

DannielleSB said...

Awwww what a cutie!! And they say cats and dogs don't get along!

Kenni B said...

EVERYONE gets along with Razor...if they want too.

Anna said...

Hilarious! Congrats on the doggie. When I was pregnant with my third child (with my oldest being 2!) We got a big dog. While my husband was filling out the paperwork a lady working at the SPCA put her hand on my shoulder and whispered, "Are you okay?" It made me laugh so hard - I guess I appeared certifiable! I would love to see what their reaction would be now that we have six kids, 4 chickens, a barn cat, a huge dog and a new puppy!

I've been loving your recent posts!

Jess said...

He is a very cute dog. I am sure your kids love him. :)

Tammy said...

He's adorable. My husband had the sweetest doberman when we were dating and first married. That breed has a special place in my heart. Enjoy your new family member. :)