Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Beginning...

Today is Micah's 2nd Birthday ~ *how* did that happen?  When did he get to be 2 years old?  I'm confused....
*Micah's pic that is in our church's pre-school wing ~ adorable*

After a hectic day (I had to bake a chocolate cake for Micah's birthday TWICE.....I'll explain later), I've come to realize something:  it really *is* getting easier!  No, really!

Now it's still hard.  Certain days are really rough.  Yet overall, big bigger kids are getting to be quite a big *help* actually.  It's amazing!  My oldest is 9 1/2 and it really is getting easier.

Yes, they still have behavior issues at times (don't we all?!).  Yes, there are still days I don't think will E.V.E.R. end.

Yet my kids...they're pretty awesome.  I like 'em.  A lot!  I enjoy our days together.  Today I realized that I only have 1 child still napping regularly....and that's okay.  Wow.  I used to *live* for naptime.

So while we're far from perfect, I just wanna send out a quick word of encouragement:
If you are that momma with lots'o'littles ~ everyone is under 10 and you're wondering if you'll ever make it until naptime.......You will.  And you'll enjoy it too!

God Bless you & all those littles~

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