Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Season

Well, half of my kiddos have moved up to the "even" years.

Elijah's new "robot" ~ actually 3 transformers!  Cool!
The infamous "Robot Cake"

Elijah (now 4), Selah (now 8) & Micah (now 2).

We made our own lip gloss ~ the girls loved it!

Selah knew *exactly* what cake she wanted.
Pumpkin bundt cake w/ cream cheese frosting tinted PINK!
I made two ('cause it's oh-so yummy) and we had a number 8 cake!!

~Make a wish~

That leaves Tali (6 in May) & Isaac (10 in Aug.) to go.

He really got into presents this year!

No Butterfield child opens a present by themselves....;)

This was the 2nd cake I made that day ~ the first one got stuck in my pan beyond repair!

But oh, that chocolate cake & icing were DELISH!!

Just thought I would share some pics for those family members far away ~ we love you!!


Janet said...

TY for sharing--they're getting so big. Cody turned 15 yesterday!! We had a great party!!

DannielleSB said...

Happy Birthday all around!