Thursday, March 31, 2011


I don't really want to get into all the theological stuff about "community" tonight.  Yet I've been discussing it a lot with my hubby and others.....and it's been really great to see people light up and really *want* community.  They need it, I believe.  That's why the Lord put it in His Word (Acts 2, 4, and more!).  Fellowship!!

Ha ~ *Fellowship* of the Ring....get it?!
Ok, it's late...;)

I remember when we first moved to Michigan - over 4 years ago now (wow, I *must* be getting older 'cause time is just FLYING by!).  I told myself not to fret, I would find friends, we would find community, other believers to share our lives with.

And slowly, but surely, the Lord is bringing that about.  And it is an amazing blessing!

So if you wanna read a little about community between believers, check out hubby's church blog:
Anchor Children's Ministry  (and go read Acts.  Now read it again.  See??)

And in my day to day life (I keep starting my sentences with And....sorry about that), well, it's chaos.
You're shocked, I know.  Breathe.  
Ok, going on...

Mostly controlled chaos.  I think ;)

I've got science experiments galore throughout my house.  My kids want to learn about electricity.  Isn't there something about a potato and electricity?  They wanna learn about wind-mills and electricity.  I've got beans sprouting and I'm still desperately trying to get my sweet potato to leaf out!!

I've got my etsy shop up and mostly running - still trying to put up new stock.  I'm working on a "lightbox" to get better pics.  Apparently, that's really important.  Too bad I'm a yarn artist (like that title, eh?) and not a photographer.....*sigh*
my "John Deere" baby set ~ so adorable! (boy version in my shop)

~Just some "CHEBWA" ladies hangin' out~
My hs group is, well, pretty awesome.  We're gonna go see alpacas soon.  And I can't wait to get out to the local nature center and hike around a bit.  Heck, I can't wait to hike around in our own woods, if it would ever warm up a bit and DRY up a bit!

**AND, I won a coffee from Tim Horton's!
Life is complete.

p.s.  and I'm headed here soon....lovely!


Chops said...
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*Michigan Momma* said...

Awww..bummer. Michelle, was that you??? ;)

Kristie said...

I just wanted to stop by and say 'Hi!' after meeting you today. I don't meet very many other bloggers...actually I can't think of one that I just happened to meet, so you're the first! LOL!

I'm glad the weather was nice enough for you to come meet the alpacas today. Are you going to the Earth Day thing coming up in Goodells? Just curious because of the pic from the nature center :-)

I think it's awesome you're kids are so curious about science! I've always enjoyed science. Have you heard of Janice VanCleave? She has come really neat science experiments to do with the kiddos :-)

*Michigan Momma* said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you commented! I do think we're heading to the Earth Fair, probably tomorrow, but I guess we'll take a look at the weather and see which date looks best.

I haven't heard of Janice VanCleave....I'll have to google her! Luv the internet for hs'ing~

Off to check out your blog too....;)