Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sick & Tired &.....Productive??

I got sick.

Isn't this hilarious!?  Not quite a good representation of me sick, but cute nonetheless!

We went to visit an alpaca farm as part of our home school group field trip ~ great time!

Well, it's my own fault (it usually is).  I stayed up too late, had a lot going on during our school days, combined with a bit of extra energy spent on three musical performance nights and BAM!  Sick.

After our alpaca field trip, we got to visit an Icelandic Sheep farm as well ~ look at those eyes!!

They had newborn lambs....so precious!

And me, in Biblical garb - well....I *had* to wear my glasses or I would not have been able to see the conductor.
Or two feet in front of my face, for that matter!!


On the plus side, I'm getting more crocheting done than normal!

Luv this pic of Tali's eyes ~ the hat is cute too!

On the not-so-plus side, my kids are eating cold cereal, applesauce & popcorn as their main food groups.

sweet baby bonnet

Oh well....here's hoping I can rest & recover quickly, all while taking this time to get more projects completed for my etsy shop.  Silver lining and all~

Scarf of Ruffles on my Selah-belle

Spring, oh Spring, wherefore art thou Spring......

My "Sunshine" set ~ I think I'm just wishing for spring, even in my crochet work!!

Following after God amidst the chaos of life~

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House Revivals said...

I hope you are feeling much better! To answer your question about the timeline on the project -- phase one of the interior reno should be done in about six weeks,ie, working bathrooms and kitchens, new windows, drywall and flooring in the garage wing of the house, new electric, new plumbing, new HVAC, new or repaired decks, and so on. Phase two of the interior may be postponed for a year while baby and mommy are living with us. And landscaping will take *forevuh*....