Monday, June 27, 2011

Feast of the St. Claire

We visit the Feast of the St. Claire every year ~ I love it and it seems to have rubbed off on my kids (hmmm....amazing how that happens, eh?).

This will be a simple photo-captioned blog.  We have made some fantastic memories here over the past four years, and I might even consider participating in something like this in the future....maybe.  Just one more day to love on my family, bond and really enjoy one another!!

Without further ado~

Tali likes to spend her given monies on pretties ~ like this wooden fan.

Micah, imitating the marching soldiers.

Elijah picked up a revolver with his money ~ BANG!!

Selah got a simple whistle.

My lil' Cherokee Indian (um, Native American)

lots of items for the kids to see & learn about

The kids look forward to this puppet show each year.

Look at 'em, sittin' so attentively.

~Some period music~

They had a fantastic "stamp" program this year ~ the kids had to find  a certain "symbol", have a conversation with a
reenactor, get a stamp & once they found all the stamps, they received a pin.  They loved it!!

More music & period costumes.

Learning about past professions.

Loved this gentleman ~ he actually taught my kids something before giving them their stamp!

Families, including children, participate together!

There were crafts available for the kids to complete ~ such as making candles.

Face painting.

The Battle ~ Isaac's favorite part!

Marching to battle

Well, yes, it's quite loud.

Especially these canons!

The middle kids spent much of the time in Daddy's protective arms.

Until finally the white flag was raised....

What a great time ~ I highly recommend you make the time to attend this festival if you are local!  If not, find out what your area has to offer.  It's educational, fun & builds some great memories with your kiddos.  We're building ties to our children's hearts & we're beginning to build relationships with some of the "regular" reenactors ~ fun!

(next up, the Croswell Family Fun Fest ~ a sweet, local event for the family!)

Hope everyone is enjoying summer in your area!!
God Bless,

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