Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Festival

What a beautiful day!

(The Victorian Festival in Romeo, MI)

This year, Dean & I made an agreement to really cut back in a few areas so we could enjoy the many festivals in the "Thumb" and the "Blue Water Area".  It's a great way to spend time with the family, learn a lot about your community and it's rich history, not to mention meet new people & share some moments together!

No, this wasn't the *best* festival we've ever been to - but the weather was gorgeous, we drove over an hour and gosh darnit, we were gonna have FUN!

And we did~
Tali ~ all decked out "Victorian Style"
Elijah's new photo stance.....I have no idea....but he makes me smile!
Again, not sure what he's doing, but he asked for a pic next to the fire hydrant.

Daddy & Micah Dean
Micah had a few less-than-stellar moments...

Momma in the *girly* shop!

We grabbed some lunch in the park.
There was a great train display!

A few Victorian ladies walking through the park ~ this one even showed Selah the "hoop" under her skirt!

Shops along the main road.

Waiting to ride the horse-drawn carriage.


There's always time for ice cream!

Whew...those cute, ice-creamy faces!

Micah figuring out he could actually EAT the cone ~ yum!

Selah - also in the *girly* shop - trying on an awesome mask!

There was face painting!

And we even caught a glimpse of Wyatt Earp......;)

(Next, we're headed to "The Feast of the St. Clair"....luv this one!)

Romeo, thanks for the memories....
Now get out there and enjoy *your* community!!

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