Monday, July 18, 2011 my house! my house!

The Dream:
I have grand plans of rising early to freshly-brewed coffee, sipping a cup or two before the chaos begins, piping hot....ahhhh.

The Reality:  
I brew said coffee and it sits there - continuing to cook - for two hours, while I desperately try to fit in a cup of (hot) coffee amidst the craziness that is my morning.

Even if I managed to stop everything & drink a cup of coffee, that all I got.  One cup.  Barely.  I would nuke cold coffee all day long trying to have a hot cup of coffee.

It was sad, really.

Until I (accidently) discovered the *coffee carafe*!  Ta-da!!

This looks a lot like my mom's carafe.

(I know.  Big deal, right?  Everyone knows what a coffee carafe is.  What does that have to do with anything?)

I was doing the single-parent thing (just for a few nights, Dean was attending a conference, I believe), a huge storm blew in, so the kids & I spent the night downstairs at my folks place.  In the morning, desperate for a cup of energy & warmth, I grabbed the carafe my mom had put the coffee in the previous evening - easily 12 hours ago.  The coffee was still warm!  Not just a little warm, almost my perfect piping-hot-coffee hot!  I was amazed.  Even after so long, it wasn't bitter!

So nowadays I brew the coffee, immediately turn OFF the coffee pot (so it stops COOKING the coffee) and pour it into my previous-warmed-up** coffee carafe.  This pot of coffee can last me all day!  Finally!!

Now I just need to find the perfect carafe that fits me!  What do ya think??

**My mom's secret:  fill the carafe with hot tap water before brewing the coffee.  Then dump it out right before you fill the carafe with your fresh coffee.  Your hot coffee won't have to give up any of it's heat to warm up the carafe ~ Perfect!



Jacinda @ Growing Home said...

I love the red one! Super cute.

Bru Crew Mom said...

My coffee maker includes a carafe so it brews right into it! I love it! My husband needs his coffee at 4:15, and I don't need it that early. I can drink mine later and it's still hot!