Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Did ya know?

A few new items in our lives:

My dh (Dean) is no longer working at the same church as before.  Yet he *is* working at a church, as a Children's Director, helping a church revamp their Children's program.  It is currently a 6mo. commitment.  So while we are *technically* still a Pastor's family, the expectations & involvement are on a totally different level.  I'll talk more about our beliefs regarding families and the church some time down the road ~ maybe :)

Did you know I was pregnant again?  Yup, 6th lil' baby is on his way ~ due in July, but probably making an early entrance.  It may just be the normal 1-week early that a c-section calls for, but it may be a few depends on the placenta.  Due to this being my 6th c-section, plus the location of the placenta (near the old scar), it is possible we may be dealing with placenta accreta.  I have a more detailed ultrasound planned for March 21st.

Lil' Baby Gideon ~ 21 weeks

I refuse to worry until there's actually something to worry about!  Well, I'm gonna try not to worry at all.  There's nothing I or the doc's can do about it now anyway - we'll just keep an eye on things and possibly deliver a bit early (if so, there may be a hysterectomy as well...regardless, this will be our last lil' blessing by my womb ~ what a great God we serve!!)

*New Business Cards*

In addition to the part-time church gig, Dean has started a small business for Social Media Marketing (RTH Marketing ~ or check out his FB page)  He is also starting with Primerica, an insurance company which "markets financial solutions to the middle market" by "providing common sense solutions to these families' financial challenges".  (we so *definitely* fit into this "middle market" that it really hits home for us and we pray it will bless many!)  Not to mention he is subbing at the local school systems & looking into other @ Home options, to help us simply pay the bills.  He is a GOOD man and we are blessed to have him lead our family!!

What else?  We are getting our upstairs insulation issues fixed next week (AMEN!), and then a painting project begins after that - do you have any idea how much damage one little 4yob & a ball-point pen can do?!?'s bad.  Bad.

We are dreaming of spring, of summer, of bonfires & trails through the woods.  We are dreaming of tree swings, tree houses & a possible pond "beach" with real sand!  Sprinklers, lazy afternoon hammock time, and bike rides.  Catching fireflies and caterpillars and tadpoles.  Oh my goodness....warm weather, please come quickly!!


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Tina said...

Oh my sweet friend, your joy just SHINES so brightly in this post. Dean is reminding me more and more of Neal, and that's not something I'd expected with Dean being so gifted with people skills and Neal so...much an engineer ;-) But reading the list of jobs he's managing to do sounds so much like how Neal is getting us through our EXTREME medical bills. Yeah for husbands who do the whole in sickness and in health and put providing for family right smack under God. So a big giant WOW buddy, way to go to Dean. (Don't know if he reads your comments, but I'd love for him to hear what I said here. I think our hubbies need just as much encouragement as we weepy, emotionally roller-coastery wives ;-)
Don't remember if I ever answered your question about what a by-line is, so here goes. It's when you write something, and under the title of the piece, they write "by Tina Downey". A lot of articles that people read are put together by teams and the writers are never credited. Most especially AP (Associated Press) which sells stories to papers to use word for word. These are usually stories with nationwide applicability.
Praying for baby Butterfield. And may I say, Jonah is a favorite case you need suggestions...
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