Monday, June 2, 2014

A Recap

Hi y'all,

Just thought I would jump back into blogging.  Nothing big and momentous.  Nothing that's gonna go viral.  Just some of my thoughts, some documentation of our ordinary, yet spectacular life.

As a recap:

I am a 39yo daughter of the King!  Been so since I was a kid.  We're looking for a church.  More on that later....

Me ~ with my earbuds.

I have been married to Dean, who is my best friend and I love fiercely, passionately and dearly, for 15 years.  We have 6 amazingly lil' blessings.  I must admit, there are times I have to walk around the house, repeating to myself - "Children are a blessing.  Children are a blessing.  Children are a blessing."  If you have children, you understand.... ;)

I have a few pyromaniacs.....

Lawn Mower Rides!

We live on our own lil' 5 acres, in the thumb of Michigan, with a pond, a wooded area with a few trails, some great climbing trees, a fire pit, oh just a little piece of Michigan-heaven - in my humble, ever so biased opinion!

Isaac ~ my pre-teen!

We homeschool.  Mostly year round.  Eclectic & relaxed.  No testing, no grade levels, no trying to keep up or falling behind.  We learn at whatever pace works for us.  We love the arts, be it music, drawing, painting, singing, acting, you name it!  We group study as many subjects as possible (for my sanity and everyone else's benefit as well).  We don't have tons of money for outside activities, but we have fun whenever possible and I am trying to be content where we are.  God has us here, in this season, for a reason.  I'm good with that!
My baby, um, I mean, my clarinet!

My hubby is a mortgage loan guy, as well as an IT student (something to do with with computer networking, don't ask).  He also does some social media, um....stuff.  He has the desire to use his new lathe, once he has a spare moment to himself, but right now spends any free time with us, cutting down dead trees on our property for firewood.  We got a wood burning stove recently, and need to stock up for our Michigan winters.  Hello, polar vortex!!

Ok, is that it?  Oh, my folks live in our lower level, so technically we are a multi-generational family living here in this home.  My parents have their own *everything* (kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, their own entrance - everything - basically their own home), so it's not near as complicated as you might first think.  We give each other space yet love this opportunity to be with each other!

I love my slippers!

I don't blog for a cause, or blog to make money, or schedule my blogs out, or really plan ahead with blogging at all.  I've tried, but honestly, I'm too busy!  I blog for pleasure, to vent, to express myself, to talk through my feelings - my own personal therapy.  It comes and goes and I love it!!

I crochet A LOT!!

And there you go!  Now I have to go heat up my cup of coffee, give the kiddos a snack and read Story of the World to my crew for a while.  We are on the Phoenicians and the return of the Assyrians.  I must admit, I get them all confused....Then some lunch and off to the library before it storms (and hopefully we can still fit in a nap for the baby and quiet reading time for everyone else before dinner).  See?!  Just life!

Selah ~ my artist!
Tali ~ handworking & sassy!

Micah ~ I LOVE 5 YEAR OLDS!!

*****Here's a pic of my sweet baby, Gideon.  He's our newest baby and our last baby ~ I wonder if he's gonna be a spoiled baby of the family.....??

 Have a great day y'all!
I'll see ya later ~ so we can discuss school, coffee vs. tea, how you handle babies, toddlers, lil' kids and pre-teens ALL TOGETHER, God, church, discipleship, potty training, gardening, healthy foods, marriage, house cleaning, praying....oh, just anything you wanna talk about, I'm willing to give it a shot!

Micah & Elijah Rock ~ My Lil' Cherokee Braves!

Please, leave me a message and say "Hi"!  Let me know who you are, if you are hs'ing, how many lil' ones you have, are you a newbie or have some years of experience under your belt (re: hs'ing or parenting or marriage or whatever), what you may be struggling with, what you'd like to talk about....just whatever!  Hope to hear from you soon! :)


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