Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Homeschool Exhibitor's Night 2014

Our local HS support group does an Exhibitor's Night every year.  This is our second time participating.  I always think it's going to be too much work and time and energy....then we end up really enjoying the process and having a great time!  Plus I'm always so proud of the kids.  This year especially.

Admittedly, I helped the kids choose their topics.  Basically, I started rattling off ideas until something sparked their interest and then they ran with it.  Our Exhibitor's Night is sorta like a science fair, except it can basically be about ANYTHING.  

Selah chose her topic first:  it was creative in nature.  It included some fine arts, plus domestic arts.  Her table displayed some of the items she has crocheted, sewn and baked ~ plus recent artwork.  She baked the bread that morning, so it was tempting us all throughout the day.  In fact, I bribed my younger boys with the promise of some of Selah's delicious 'braid bread' after the program if they were well-behaved.  They were well-behaved.  :)

Tali always wants to be like her sister.  We are working on exploring her own talents and gifts, as she can't keep up with her sister in certain areas (Nor should she expect to!  She's 2 years younger and gifted in different areas!!).  So while her table was similar in nature, we tried to customize it to her own interests.  So Tali's table included some crocheted items, a pillow she had sewn, along with a sewing machine diagram and stitch example chart, plus the sewing pattern she and her grandma had created.  She also made a Lyric/Poetry Journal, with many different poems and songs, yet accidentally left it at home.  I'm fairly certain I was more upset than she was, silly girl.

Isaac wasn't as ready to jump on board.  He was fairly ambivalent about the whole thing ~ at first.  I was searching for something, *anything*, that might interest him ~ when I mentioned Minecraft, I had him!!

We decided his Minecraft table would include various ways Minecraft can be used for learning:  different maths, logic, planning, architecture, creative writing, vocabulary, spatial reasoning, art, even as a jumping off place for topics such as spiders, soil, gems/mining, gardening.....the list goes on and on.  When I discovered how many Minecraft videos there are on YouTube, I knew we had to figure out a way to have Isaac make his own video.  What a great way for Isaac to jump right in there and learn about the technology needed to record what was on his screen, how to record his voice, how to edit his video, add music, narrate, etc.  It was awesome!

Even though we had some tech issues at the actual Exhibitor's Night (honestly, we weren't prepared early enough to request what we needed....totally our fault), I am super proud of what he accomplished.  He *can* be somewhat reserved and shy, but once you get him discussing a topic that he is actually interested in, he opens up and does a great job!   Even with our lack of up-to-date technology, he persevered.  Here's his video:

Both of my girls can be shy as well.  At the last minute, they both decided to not simply make a display table, but to do a quick explanation up on the stage, in front of the group.  It was especially wonderful to see Talitha up there.  Yes, she tried to twirl her ponytail (a nervous habit from years past), and you couldn't hear her all that well, but she did it.  And did it with little to no prompting on my part!

Selah's artwork was actually her first "commissioned" piece.  Her grandma wanted something for her kitchen and Mema loves coffee!  It turned out great!  Besides learning about this particular style of art, and the artists who design pieces like this, she is learning about how you can take a talent - something you love - and make it work for you.  Monetarily even!  Whoo-hoo!

The younger boys *could* have participated, although neither showed any great interest.  I will encourage them to do so in the future, especially as my older children need my help less and less.  Sweet Gideon slept in Mema's arms most of the time, lil' fella.....

And here is our group of HS kiddos.  There are *many* more children/families involved in our support group, but this is one of the things I love about it ~ you never know who's going to show up to which events!  You may end up with a HUGE party at one event, or a small, intimate gathering at another.  I loved talking with other HS mommas, discussing our struggles, our joys, our heartaches, laughter and even tears.  Please, please, join a support group if you can.  Totally worth it!

**And lastly, in other news, here is a sweet doll I recently crocheted for a friend's granddaughter.  Her hair is simply perfect - I LOVE it!  The dress is removable and I even made a second dress, 'cause what lil' girl doesn't want to change her dolly's clothes?!  She did end up with blue eyes and a sweet red mouth.  I hope this lil' girl loves her doll and plays with her for years!

So what about you?  Are you involved in a HS support group?  Maybe a co-op?  Do you have opportunities to vent, share, express your frustrations and joys with other women who can completely understand where you're coming from??  If not, try to find some ~ even ONE such friend can be a sanity-saver!  For both of you!!  If I did not have this group, I would at least get together with another family or two.  Do some events together, field trips, weekly classes, every other week, monthly, whatever......just get together and share this journey together.  God has given us such a blessing in the company and fellowship of friends!

Anyways, time for laundry, dishes, dinner prep.....
Ah, it never ends, does it?!

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Carol said...

Hi Lori! :)

Nice to see you blogging again! It was fun to read and catch up on your family. It's so hard to believe your children have gotten to much older!!! How does that happen?! ;)

Last year we moved into the season of grand-parenting.....LOVE IT! :)

Blessings to you and your family.....