Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Lately - through pictures!

We're entering the last month or so of summer....

Beautiful tree I just discovered by the river in our small town park.

We've had LOTS of fun ~ enjoying baby brother's explorations!

Talitha (9) with Gideon (2)

Even the biggest brother got right in there!

Isaac (12 - almost 13, just a few more days....)

And Momma is learning to relax a little more and let 'em run a little more.

Elijah (7) on the swinging bridge.

We had plenty of ice cream :)

Gideon (2) at his first A&W experience.

And just enjoyed one another!

Sissies ~ Selah (11) & Talitha (9)

Time for reading and relaxing.

Isaac (12) who will read just about anything he can get his hands on!

And my heart sorta wants to explode when I hear the laughter during evening lawn tractor rides~

Gideon (2) finally enjoying this Butterfield tradition!

Lots of fun celebrations!
Everyone tried this hairstyle for the fourth, right?!?

I've been expanding my cake decorating "skills" (such as they are)
This is a character from "Sonic the Hedgehog".
I think......

Micah (now 5), is *slowly* coming out of his shell......but still my shy one.

And yes, even time for more crocheting!

The owl baby beanie never gets old ~ stinkin' adorable!

Trying to find a really good pattern for lil' girl slippers.

The Market Bag - from the Crochet Crowd on FB.

Just a regular ol' dishcloth ~ I need to make more!

And a sweet doll for a niece with one blue eye & one brown eye ~ Cool!

It's been such a cool, mild summer - we've had lots of opportunities for campfires & s'mores!

Elijah (7) is learning to roast marshmallows all on his own!
(and Momma is lovin' this season of their new found independence!)

But before long, we'll be lighting up the wood stove inside as well.
Here is our new (to us) wood stove & hearth!
We just ordered some replacement parts & needed tools & various wood racks.

Our new wood stove & hearth ~ updated photos coming soon.

We are also still cutting down standing, dead trees on our property in preparation of renting a log splitter ~ this is our first year preparing a woodpile that we hope will last all winter's a learning process, for sure!!

And of course, we'll be starting up with more formal education happening on a more regular basis.  We have been living and loving and learning all summer, but soon we'll break out some lined handwriting paper, math flashcards, reading lists, grammar & literature units, officially finish up our science book and start the astronomy text, and keep on keeping on with world history.....

Story of the World ~ I'm learning right along with 'em!

So that's where we are ~ enjoying these last few weeks, preparing for the months ahead, and asking God continually to be our focus, to join us in the every day, to lead us where He would have us go, be who He would have us be.  It's not always easy to live with the same 10 people day in, day out - face their faults, your own sins, everyone's quirks.....and yet love 'em all where they are (yes, even love yourself, right where you are!).

Me & 2 of my redheads ~ who have also inherited my need for glasses.
Elijah isn't wearing his in this picture.
They're broken.
I *think* he had them for a week......maybe.

This is where God has us.
Some days are really hard.  Some are really good.
I cry.  Sometimes, I cry a lot.
I laugh too.  And smile.  And wonder why God has chosen us for this life.
Why He has chosen us at all....

Aaaaaand now it's dinner time, so no more time for reflection or contemplation.
I'm making homemade biscuits for Sausage Biscuits with grape jelly!
And I think we'll try to play horseshoes for a while before it gets too dark.
Enjoy these last summer days, my friends~



Tina said...

The thing that really strikes me about your family is how much fun you have. I mean, you really make time to just be together and have fun. That rocks! It is a real inspiration to me.

Shari said...

You are so blessed! I miss you all.

Lori Butterfield said...

Thanks, Tina! That means a lot!

As you well know, when you homeschool you are *forced* to deal with these same people ALL. DAY. LONG. My selfishness raises it's ugly head SO's kind of embarrassing, actually....

Now that Isaac is almost a teenager, I'm forced to accept the fact that we simply won't be all together, just like this, for very long. I'm trying to soak in every minute, of every day. Yet it's still going by so fast!