Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Traditions ~ The Apples

Our bounty ~ a bushel of goodness!

Gideon had so much fun ~ especially being lifted up to pick his own apples!

Our local orchard has these great, old, metal wagons to pull apples (and children) along!

The crop of apples wasn't great this year ~ all were considered "seconds" ~ yet we thought they were still quite yummy!  No one seemed to mind, especially at $8/bushel!

Nothing better than your child so very happy!

Unless it's your father laughing hysterically!!

Isaac, ever my meticulous child, wanted to make sure the apples we picked were up to snuff!

Love the smiles!

Big hay bales even provided entertainment for the teenager among us!

Tali, enjoying the hayride!

Giddy & his big sissy!

Elijah Rock ~ waiting to try and pick an apple as we pass by the trees...
Luv this lil' boy!

**and lastly, my folks finally got their stove installed ~ along with our wood burning stove and the boys infra-red heater, ALL the levels of our home are ready for the long Michigan winter!


p.s.  coming up next ~ making apple butter & more family traditions (at Lowe's!)

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Carol said...

Hi Lori,

Just popping in to say, "hi"! :) Nice to see you blogging again. Are you still on your facebook fast? :) Off to have a look at your Etsy store. You make some adorable things!