Thursday, September 24, 2015


I am quietly, nonchalantly, re-entering the blog world.


This blog was here for me for many years when i needed an outlet.  When I had many little ones, as my family grew in size, until one day....we grew right out of the blog world!

But now, now that I'm done having babies, done with nursing littles, (almost) done with potty training.....I may be ready to try the blog out again.  Give it a test run, see if it fits into this new stage of life.

And new stage it is!
Here are a few "catch up" pictures....

The kids are growing!
Isaac is 14, and just received a guitar for his birthday.
My boy.....*sniff*

Selah - resident "might as well be a teenager" - at 12yo.
Here she's modeling a new scarf/hood for the etsy site that she crocheted.
She's getting really good! (and beautiful, but I'm a bit biased)

Kit-Kat is still around, plus a new cat - Storm.
We created a new garden space this year and it did fairly well.
Except for the corn, but let's not go there, shall we.....

We have settled into a church family again!
A small, Baptist, coming-out-of-fundamentalism congregation.
They have challenged us, forced us to look at what we believe and why.
It's been up and down, but it's been good!

We've had family & friends visit ~ with lots of local sightseeing & fun activities!
The Blue Water Area & the Thumb of Michigan are simply gorgeous!

Of course, the birthdays just keep happening!
Gideon, the baby, is now 3.
When did this happen??

Blessings keep happening as well!
The two oldest kids decided they needed to get baptized.
My heart just keeps filling up!

Activities are starting up as the school year begins again.
Ballet lessons, guitar lessons, 4H group, craft group, HS support group....
We've discovered inexpensive (even free) ways to add fun & learning into this journey!

There are sick days, emotional days, and the financial struggles don't seem to be going anywhere.
And yet....I believe, I hope, we are getting a bit better at finding the joy in our days.
Joy in our days, in simple moments, in big experiences, and even in the struggles we face.

Family & friends are such a gift from the Lord!
We can share our struggles, and find companionship as we walk this journey God has placed before us.
With toddlers and's good to find someone who can understand you!!

Everyone is growing up ~ too quickly!
Tali (10yo) had some "oldest sibling" time, when her two older siblings went on vacation recently.
It was good for them, it was good for her....yup, it was even good for me!

So we continue on.
Family, friends, joys, struggles.

So that in no way covers life for the past few years, but that's okay.
I feel as though I stepped back onto the stage, shared a few pics, and we'll go from here.
Sharing a little bit at time, day by day, moment by moment.
Until before you know it, the blog will be full again!

Thanks for reading!
Blessings to you all ~ I can't wait to get to know everyone all over again!!


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