Tuesday, January 30, 2007

what was I thinking??

garage 002

Now I know, especially to a slightly-nuerotic organizer such as myself, this hardly looks like an organized garage. Is that camping gear I see next to lawn equipment next to seasonal bins? *gasp* But seriously, compared to what our garage looked like BEFORE I started yesterday, this is amazing!

The story begins here: the garage is dh's territory. At this home, due to having no basement, I will be using some space for storage of the kid's clothing bins. Here's a better pic of those. I have about 10 bins thus far for each sex. You know, 0-3 month GIRLS, 3-6 month GIRLS, GIRLS shoes, 2T BOYS. You get the idea.
garage 001

The thing is, The Pastor has been so busy being, well, the new PASTOR - that he hasn't had a lick of time to spend on the garage. Here we are in SNOWY Michigan (yeah!) and we can't use our attached garage. Take another look at the previous photo - there is a heating unit in this garage. So technically, I could heat up the joint for a bit, put some warm sweatshirts on the kiddos and send them to ride their bikes or scooters in the garage. I could also have the reassuring knowledge that the last part of the house was all put together before this little blessing arrives in just over 2 weeks. It's a nesting thing, I know.

So anyways, out I head yesterday afternoon, into our cold garage. First off, I couldn't figure out how to light the pilot light on the heating unit (and all I could hear was my mother's voice telling me to "be careful lest I blow myself up" - great). So I was in for a COLD few hours. Then, not too far into the process, all my children wake up and want to "help". Basically that meant they wanted me to hurry up and move those boxes so they could play. great.

About 3-4 hours later, I was able to transform the mess into some semblance of order. I put together some shelving and hiked up some bins and boxes. I moved around the mattress just waiting for guests next to the mudroom door. I shoved all the "yard tools and machinary" to the sides of the garage awaiting their removal from the garage to the shed in the backyard. I even managed to move a filing cabinet, a really heavy foos-ball table and a chest freezer. Whew - I was Wonder Woman! My dh was going to be *so* happy with me, so glad he didn't have that hanging over his head. Yeah, other people would be so impressed with how quickly we were able to organize our new home and get settled in. Whoo-hoo, I could somewhat relax going into this birth, knowing my home was in order!

ya, those thoughts lasted about 30 minutes.

Then the pain started.

Now just to calm any fears you may be having, it wasn't labor. I did have contractions during this process but nothing that really hurt and nothing consistant. It was bodily aches. My back, my butt, my legs, my neck. Ugh. Then of course, the sciatic nerve went *cRaZY* and I was hardly able to walk. Yet when I heard the van pull up in the driveway, I hobbled as fast as I could to open up the garage door for him to see. Then I stood RIGHT THERE waiting for him to help me back to the couch....

So there you go. I'm an idiot. I could have put myself into labor. I know, I know. But I really am glad the garage is mostly put together. I really am glad that Dean doesn't have to worry as much about doing all of that and can instead simply organized his tools into the garage cabinets and get the rest of the stuff into the shed. I'm really glad we can park in the garage when it snows.

I'm also really glad I own a heating pad and a nice king size bed for naptime.

My next project is our office area organization. That won't take *nearly* as much muscle. Thank the Lord!

Ok, time to call the hospital and pre-register this c-section. Then off to bed - I need a nap.

Lovin' my home
*Michigan Momma*

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Anonymous said...

That sciatic nerve is a doozy! Trust me this is the voice of experience speaking...lol! Take it easy girl! Praying you'll get done what needs to be done. :)