Monday, February 12, 2007

book cover

This is the book my Ladies Bible Study group is going through during our Wednesday night activities. My children all attend age appropriate classes: my 1yog goes to the nursery where she is only 1 of maybe 2 or 3 babies. The ladies there *love* her and she usually gets rocked to sleep for at least half the time. This is actually a nice break for her, as I don't think she gets as much sleep as needed - she loves to be playing with her brother and sister and really fights going/staying asleep. My almost 4yog attends the class for 4yo's thru K. She is really too old maturity-wise to stay with the 2 & 3's, as most of them are 2 year olds. Of course, my 5yob also attends this class. They have two GREAT male leaders in there (and one of the wives as well), talk a lot about missionaries, praying for them/making crafts for them, etc. They also work on a new memory verse each week. They really enjoy it!

Ok, so back to the book. This is Joanna Weaver's sequel to her previous book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I think I will need to go back and re-read that book too. I read it during a very busy time in my life and I don't think I really grasped everything it had to say. Now, with this book, it is really hitting home. I can pick myself out in so many of her examples. I can now see how my emotional and "hidden" spirit are negatively affecting my life, my walk with Christ and how I am interacting with those around me.

It is *not* good.

Well, but it *is* good to really face these things. The Lord is slowly showing me more and more of the sin in my life. I know I couldn't handle it if He showed me EVERYTHING wrong at the same time - thank you Jesus! But now it's time to really face this "flesh" and see how I can let the Holy Spirit rule these areas instead of my own flesh (Flesh Woman). This is how I can allow the Holy Spirit to continue it's work of making me more like Christ everyday. Whew....what a long and difficult process this can be!

So anyway, there's a book recommendation. My baby just came by to give me a hug and her *ahem* less-than-pleasant aroma reminds me that I have other obligations at this moment - *wrinkles nose*

*Michigan Momma*

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Anonymous said...

Not very long left before you hold your new little one in your arms, is there? *makes a face* lucky you. Although I can say that I am still not that uncomfortable yet- give me about three months, when I only have one left to go! I will check back often to see when the big event has arrived!