Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back to normal


Well, not really *back* to normal, seeing as how we have never been there to begin with - at least not since the birth of this new little baby boy.

I'm happy to announce that the house is back to being ours again. Whoo-hoo!! The carpets were cleaned this past Friday and that was the last thing to get done. Tomorrow we can start a "normal" week. I have some goals for this week, mainly figureing out what is normal and reasonable for me to accomplish each day.
I am still bleeding, which is not normal for me. I'm guessing it's just from having to deal with so much physically after the birth. Basically, I just need to be realistic.

Also, our home has been so filled with stress recently that our family, our marriage, our relationships have been suffereing. The emotional state of everyone, especially momma, has been crazy. When discussing all of this with my dh yesterday, I reminded us both that a lot of what we have been going through would be considered extremely stressful by the world. I think someone has rated the most stressful things to go through in life. I'm guessing moving cross country, a housefire, a new baby, a new job, going to seminary while working full-time, etc. All of those have to be somewhere in the top 10 or 20. Add that to the fact that we have experienced them all at the SAME TIME! Understandably, we need to stop and re-prioritize life.

So that's part of my goals as well - find out what life with four little ones is like from day to day, PLUS make sure I am making concerted efforts in my relationships with my family. Make sure I am LOVING my husband, respecting him and submitting to him. Make sure I am spending time with each of my babies, loving them, training them. And most importantly, make sure I am spending time with the Lord each and every day. I can't do all the rest without this.

So okay, what *does* normal look like for me?? We'll see...once I get a basic idea, I'll share more.

Oh and as an aside, the weather has been really nice here lately - although I haven't enjoyed it as much as I had hoped. It appears my lack of sleep recently and my stress level have left me ALMOST sick. This means I have been "cold". Normally, I am a HOT person - always the one to open a window. But lately, I am the cold person, always wanting the extra blanket or wanting the heat turned up. So NOT me. I'm hoping setting a good schedule, thus sleeping more, will help. Also better eating habits. Thank goodness, we can once again eat in our home like normal people. I am *so* sick of fast food....ugh.

All right life, I'm ready~
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. There are so many people to thank for how they helped during this stressful time. I guess I'd better set aside some time this week for some thank you cards as well...God has been so good to us through all of this. He always comes through EXACTLY when and how needed. Amazing. ~L.

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