Monday, March 12, 2007


Here is a link to an article from the American Medical Association, Volume 9, Feb. 2000. It discusses oral contraceptives and post-fertilization effects. If you've ever really wondered what all the hype is recently about The Pill and ethical issues, I'd recommend taking a look - at least be informed.

I still think most women are uninformed. In the author's comments, and within the article, it is stated that many doctors believe that life begins sometime at or after implantation. So therefore they see no reason to talk about post-fertilization effects of the Pill. If you were to ask many doctors about PF effects, many would simply not know about it. They were not taught this info at school.

And of course, this is simply not something you are going to hear about on network news or in the paper. No way.

Everyone has to make their own decisions about this topic. First of all, you need to decide what you believe about LIFE. What does God have to say on this topic? If you believe ALL life is valuable and should be protected - next decide when you believe life begins. When does God believe life begins? Does He talk about knowing us in our mother's womb or even before? NOW add in the information given in the above medical research article - Oral Contraceptives can have post-fertilization effects (get rid of a fertilized egg before it can implant) - and now what do you believe?

For me, it's simple. Life begins at conception. OCs *can* possibly "get rid of" (kill) a fertilized egg (baby). For me, there's no getting around those facts. If I'm not going to kill my baby by abortion, I'm not going to kill my baby by taking some pill - whether I know when it happens or not. Now that I'm informed, I simply can't make that decision. For Christian women who would never consider an abortion, what do you believe about the Pill? How do you justify this? Are you informed?

Now that you are informed - what decision will you make?

*Michigan Momma*

p.s. I don't want to be known for trying to "force" my beliefs down other people's throats. But I really think this is an issue of women not being told the truth - of women not being informed of what "could" happen. I would just like the truth to be laid out there for every women to read - then they have to make their own choices. I used to take the Pill too. I was uninformed. ~L.

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The bible tells us that God knew us before our members were formed. At the very moment of conception we are on our way to becoming who He created us to be!

I found you from Tammy's website; I live in Michigan too. We sure are blessed to live in such a beautiful state!

Take Care,