Monday, March 12, 2007

some photos for today

new fireplace

I'll have to get the "Before" pic from my mother, but here is a pic of our new fireplace after the fire. It took forever, but here it is!

Isaac's eye

Isaac managed to get quite the owie maybe two weeks ago at my parent's home - he was running to hug his Papa and instead ran right into the corner of the counter. Ouch! Yesterday, he came home from church and it was all swollen again and raised up. He said one of the "big boys" hit him with an airplane - he insists it was an accident though. Hmmm....the momma in me will have to check out who these "big boys" are in his class....

Elijah's quilt

A new quilt for Elijah - a wonderful lady at our new church made this. We just *love* it and the colors. We are going to be purchasing a new bunk bed for the boys room (Isaac's twin bed is LITERALLY falling apart on him) and I think we're gonna use this color palette to redecorate. We really do love it - thanks Jacki!

MI spring

A pic from our back door - the weather here in eastern MI is letting go of winter a bit. It's still chilly mind you, but the snow is leaving us. It's supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow - before it cools down again for the rest of the week. I am determined to go for a walk with my babies tomorrow to take advantage of it!!

Tali's hand

Last but certainly not least - here is my baby girl, Talitha. I had to sneak in during her quiet time to get this photo. I was holding her a few days back and realised how much our hands look alike. Seriously, they look identical. I was awed once again by how God creates this amazing person from a part of Dean and a part of myself. Tali ended up with "my hands". There are other parts that are totally Dean, but her hands - those are mine.

Either that or I've got the hands of a chubby toddler. *grins*

Hope you enjoyed the pics - have a great Monday~
*Michigan Momma*


Just Theresa said...

Hello From Texas. I'm Just Theresa and I lived in Niles Michigan until I was about ten years old. My family left there right after school was over, my 4th year.

I live in Texas but my heart still longs to see Michigan again. In my part of Texas it never snows, and that is the thing most missed.

Please come to my blog any time, I would love to hear from Michigan.

Julie said...

Hey girl. I just read your comment on my blog about PDC. Your too funny!
I love the quilt and the new fireplace.

Anonymous said...

Hi! theresa Im a mom of four in niles michigan, my husband is from here and I have lived here for almost four years.The weather is really nice today it's almost 70,I am so tired of snow...well just thought I would say HI from niles!!!
Misty Rouch