Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Planning for Resurrection Sunday

Ah-ha! I finally did something on my To-Do list up there. Those are my "bigger" projects, beyond the daily stuff, and as you can see, I have a hard time getting beyond the basic stuff!

But I went ahead and thought out our Resurrection Sunday Dinner. We still don't know too many people around here yet, and we haven't heard from any family yet (Kenni? do you guys wanna get together?), so I just planned out an easy dinner for our immediate family.

*the Tomb Cookies will be prepared the night before*

Boneless Lamb Roast (preseasoned and everything - on sale a while back)
some type of hashbrown/tator-tot casserole
Green Bean casserole w/ cheese
deviled eggs
celery sticks with cream cheese/paprika
pineapple tidbits
Apple Cake

yup, there's that Apple Cake I've been meaning to get around to. The recipe says it's better if it's been sitting for a day or two - so I need to get to that by Good Friday at least.

We are really watching our budget and trying to get on track with a new salary/new job here in MI. So for the rest of this month, we have like NO MONEY. So our dinner had to be made up of things we already had in the house. Hence the regular ol' green bean casserole and tator tot casserole. Not to mention I kinda like the idea of having a very kid-friendly meal. I want them to really have good memories of Easter.

Speaking of which, now I need to get to work on the kid's Easter Baskets. My dh said his family used to so a kind of "hunt" for their baskets (at least he remembers doing this one time and he really liked it). I will make up some simple "clues" for the kiddos to follow, in order to find their baskets. What I really want to do, is fill the baskets with practical, needed items (think undies, socks, hair bows, toiletries, etc.) but again, no money right now (and I didn't plan far enough in advance) - so instead, I need to come up with creative baskets. This aughtta be interesting....

One more thing, I just wanted to let y'all know about some more great recipes I've made lately. I made this EXCELLENT cream cheese chicken enchiladas and red rice. The red rice was SERIOUSLY delicious. I couldn't believe I made my own red rice!! Did I tell you about the three-layer Hummingbird Cake I made a while back? Very delicious, pineapple bits inside the cake, just delicious. Again, I can't believe I made my own THREE-LAYER cake. It was really pretty. And of course, I made up some homemade Mac-N-Cheese. It is made with condensed Cheddar Cheese soup. I threw some cubed ham in as well, what a great meal!

Then there was the Pecan Pie Muffins, the Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole, the Smoothies, Georgia Cookie Candy, and Sausage Biscuits.

And I want to try Slow Cooker Pinto Beans, Corn Chowder, Bobby's Goulash, the Carrot Cake and a Peanut Butter-Glazed Ham, amoung many others. With a good recipe, ANYONE can be a good cook!!

All of these are from Paula Deen's Celebrates! Cookbook (from my mom). I'm just so impressed how great this food is!!

Ok, well, the construction guy just installed our new fireplace door (they had the wrong size before) so it is FINALLY finished! I'm gonna grab my second cup of coffee, a few pb choc. chip cookies the kids and I whipped up last night and go enjoy the rest of my kid's room time.

Enjoy your day~
*Michigan Momma*


Tess said...

Yum! Let's try some new things when I'm there. You know how limited I am with anything "new or different" with Dad.


Shari said...

We decided to stay away from the candy in the basket. We used sand pails and added balls, jump ropes, frisbees, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc. They get one chocolate bunny in their basket. We are also coloring eggs and having an egg hunt with money inside. Just some ideas.

Shari said...

Oh, I almost forgot. I need the tomb cookie recipe. I think I may try this.

*MichiganMomma* said...

Ooooo....I have a ga-zillion colored, plastic eggs...we could do an egg hunt with pennies. Cool - thanks! I'm also gonna try to round up some change so I can buy a dozen eggs just for coloring.

I need to find something to use as baskets, just for this year, since we have zero money to spend. I really like the sand pail idea though, sweet!!

Thanks sis~