Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Getting Ready to READ

My son is ready to read! Isn't that exciting?!?!

I've always heard that you really shouldn't rush the reading thing. That it will actually HURT them later in reading as well as other subjects. I heard that reading early is NOT indicitive of being smarter or increasing IQ or anything like that. So I wanted to wait.

Yesterday, just while 'taste testing' our cookies, my son says "Momma, does cookie start with 'C'?". I about freaked out - YES!! Cookie *does* start with C. I hugged him, he was so pleased that I was so pleased.

Then I asked him a few other words and letters. Basically, he knows only the letters that we have been SLOWLY going over in our 1-2-3 Read! curriculum (which is only up to H or so). The thing is, I honestly didn't think Isaac was paying too much attention. My daughter (just turned 4) pays attention in the more 'traditional' way, and can sing the song better and just seemed more interested. I'm lucky if I can get Isaac to focus long enough to learn the song.

Yet HE'S the one that is actually picking it up. Selah wanted to "play" last night when she saw how happy I was with Isaac - but she couldn't figure out the beginning letters as well as he could. It's AMAZING how much Isaac is able to pick up when I think he's not really even paying attention. Wow!

So now I'm motivated again to keep plugging away at our letter sounds. I also printed off some fun-sheets with beginning letter sounds, as Selah really enjoys worksheets. Then I found an old wasp nest on our mailbox. I'm gonna use that to teach them about wasps and bees and their homes, etc. Something they should really learn about here as we've already seen a BUNCH of wasp and bee nests on this property...

Ok, this time I REALLY gotta run. Luv to all~
*Michigan Momma*

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Tess said...

It sure sounds like he's ready. It's exciting isn't it.

Love, Mom