Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Resurrection Day recipes

Lisa, over at Second Generation of Homeschoolers, has a recipe page where she has posted some EMPTY TOMB type recipes. My sister asked for the cookie recipe, but I thought I would just post this page: EMPTY TOMB RECIPES. This way, you can all look at the recipes and decide which ones you'd like to make. Cookies, Biscuits or a Resurrection Day Cake.

*Michigan Momma*


Holly said...

That's a cool site, Lori! Someday, I'll have to try that!

(With my husband's surgery coming up, and moving then within 3 months...I'm not really instating any new "thing"...just trying to maintain, simplify and dejunk. :)

But I'll have to stick a bookmark on this! :)

Blessed Resurrection Day!

BTW - the things you wrote about homeschooling - teaching your children about the alphabet - reading readiness, the wasp's nest, already are homeschooling, you know! Yep. That's what it is - and that's how it all works in a big family! (Or, how it can work!) You live and learn and grow together...just the everyday stuff...and they don't even realize how much they are learning! And neither do you until they just shock your socks off! :)

Love to you -


Anonymous said...

I tried these tonight, (the Resurrection cookies) but we have yet to see what it looks like in the morning. My five year old got a big kick out of it. My mixer is on the fritz, and I only have one beater on it. Because of this, I beat and beat and beat the cookies, and stiff peaks never formed. I probably beat it for twenty minutes. SO, if they turn out, it will indeed be a miracle. I hate shutting the oven door and not checking on them....
It's a Wonderful Life