Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A quick idea...

Crystal, over at Homemaking Homesteader, has posted her monthly menu planners for you to print out (cute tools to write your menus down on). Just click here: Monthly Menu Planners Crystal puts up each new month a few days in advance.

Now, another commentor on her site has this great idea, which I am going to try. Instead of using them to actually plan your menu - instead, use them to write down what you are ACTUALLY eating each night. That way you can see what foods you are eating on a regular basis, how often you are eating leftovers, how often you are going out to eat (you'd be surprised!), and if you are in a rut regarding your choices of recipes.

I think this is a simple idea, given time, that will really help you evaluate your dinner choices, and help you plan better in the future!! I'm psyched!!

*Michigan Momma*

p.s. sometimes it really just takes the simplest things to make me happy.....

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