Sunday, May 20, 2007

My new skirts

I think women should dress like women - for me that means mostly skirts and dresses, although I do own a pair of capris or two. I really enjoy looking pretty! In discussions on this topic, I often hear plus-size ladies complain that they look frumpy or shapeless in dresses or skirts and can't find fashionable clothing in their size. True, most plus-size clothing looks like it belongs on a 50 year old feminist - but do not fear!! There *is* hope. It just takes some creativity, patience to wait for good deals, and a determination to not give in to what the stores are trying to dress you with!

In my own quest for attractive, plus-size skirts, I decided it was about time to sew. I had heard how easy (really easy) it was to sew up some simple skirts. I was determined I could do it! I was also super lucky to get a bunch of material for less than $8.00 - what a find!! The pattern was actually more expensive than all the fabric combined (and my mom ended up paying for that!). I just needed a wardrobe "boost" and this was perfect! I am (slowly *sigh*) loosing weight and these simple elastic waist skirts are wonderful. Comfy, pretty, inexpensive. What more could a gal ask for??

Here's some pics:

Skirt #1 ~ no pattern, just two matching panels sewed together at the side. Simple, easy, basic.

Skirt #2 ~ first skirt with new pattern. This is actually some left over material from my small stash. Very comfy and gets compliments on cuteness! It was actually just going to be my "practice" skirt, but it turned out cute enough to wear, although not perfect. Here you can see the elastic waist - it really doesn't add all that much bulk to the waist.

Skirt #3 ~ Some fashion fabric with the same pattern. It's a heavier material and more stretchy/clingy/drape-y. Looks nice on though!

Skirt #4 ~ another "practice" skirt, with the stiffer material. Again, turned out just fine and I wear it out and about without qualms. This fabric was from an on-line friend who sent it in the mail - Bethgem, what a sweetheart!!

Skirt #5 ~ Same pattern as skirt #4, just the actual fashion fabric I got at the store clearance. I made this up last night and wore it to church this morning! Fun!! (don't ask me why I look pregnant in this photo - I have no idea?! I guess just four babies later..... let's just call it a clingy shirt and a bad camera angle, okay? OKAY!?!?!!!)

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday as well, just to pick up two basic shirts to go with these tops. A white and a red. I also managed to pick up a denim shirt dress on sale for $6 bucks!! Even if it doesn't last all that long, heck, it was 6 bucks!! And it was one size SMALLER than what I usually buy - yeah!! I am slowly, but surely, getting rid of this extra weight - FINALLY!!

These skirts just help me to feel more feminine, and I think they're more flattering than some of my longer skirts (which lean towards "frumpy"). Just because I feel God wants woman to dress like women, does NOT mean we all have to be frumpy and boring with our wardrobes! Find out what YOUR dh likes and dress to please him!!

*Michigan Momma*
who is not the most experienced seamstress in the world, but who enjoys it nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I whole-heartedly agree. I wear skirts all the time- since I 'switched over' to more feminine dress over six years ago, I love it! I will never wear anything other than a skirt again. I also sew some, even though I hate sewing. = ) I have been very pleased with the fashions these last two years- they are making adorable skirts, which hit about two inches below the knee- perfect! I still wear longer skirts on occasion, but I love the flowing a-line below the knee kind. I cant wait to get back into some of the adorable skirts I bought last year. I have stayed away from skinny people clothes, (what I call non-maternity) because they have some cute ones out this year, too. I usually try to wait until the end of the season, and then I grab them up for 5 or 6 bucks a skirt. Good job sewing! I would do it more, but, I don't like too. = )
It's a Wonderful Life

Bethgem said...

These are fun. I think you did a great job. I especially like that second-to-last one. :)

Favorite Apron said...

I'm wearing these shorter skirts now too and I think they're much more flattering. You're lookin good.Your waist is very defined, so I bet you'd look good in wrap dresses and tops too, and they would be adjustable as you continue shrinking.

Davianna said...

Just amazing designs and fabric of those skirts!! I appreciate your chocie!!