Sunday, May 20, 2007

Talitha Elizabeth

My baby girl is TWO!!!

When did *that* happen???

She is a sweet little girl - loves to suck her thumb and twirl her hair - she truly believes she is as old as her brother and sister (5 & 4 respectively) - she wants to do everything herself, even when she is not capable of it yet! Tali can be a lovey child who will snuggle right up on the couch with you and her favorite blankie - she also loves to mother her own "baby" and tends to carry little "Lizzie" around by her one tuft of hair. She is an independent little girl, a stubborn girl, a determined girl and a patient girl. She is also able to focus on one task to completion which totally floors me at her age!!

It is so amazing to watch her grow - both physically and mentally and emotionally. I look forward to watching her grow spiritually as well. I pray every day she grows up strong in her faith, learning about God and living for Him from an early age, becoming His disciple and a strong light in this dark world. I do pray she marries, enjoys keeping her home and has many babies - it has been the most wonderful joy in my life! If she does not, I just pray she is in God's will for her life, glorifying Him in the way HE would have her live her life.

My baby Tali - 2 - amazing!!

*Michigan Momma*

p.s. Isn't Talitha's new kitchen the coolest?? She got it from her Mema & Papa and it's HUGE! We still haven't managed to get it home yet, as it was too large for our van. That's just one more reason for Papa to come visit with his big ol' blue truck....
p.s.s. Notice the "smashed" birthday cake? Isaac somehow managed to step on it in the van while it was still in it's plastic container. Nice smash mark! Oh well, it still tasted good - Tali didn't care - she never does....that girl could eat her brother and sister under the table ANY DAY!!


nana jan and papa gary said...

Nana Jan and Papa Gary thought of you, Tali, on your 2nd birthday. I bet you enjoyed your cake, yummy! We are writing you from Tennessee ~~ Chattanooga. Yesterday ate at the Choo-Choo hotel! We saw lots of fish and penquins at the Aquarium!! Love you!!! Hi, to ALL.

Julie said...

WOW! I remember when you told the group you were pregnant with her. I cant believe she is two. Its so great watching all our "board babies" grow up! LOL