Friday, June 8, 2007

Family Beach Fun

Finally...I remembered to bring my camera to the beach!

It's a Thursday evening, about 6pm, when we decided to head to the beach. By the time we got swim diapers on, bathing suits located and donned, water bottles filled up and towels shoved in a bag, it was close to 7pm by the time we got there. But the day was beautiful, still nice and warm, with quite a gusty wind actually. The waves weren't big, but the water was all choppy from the wind.

We visited a new beach. New for us, but also new for the community. There were just a few other people there. The beach closed at 8pm so we only had an hour. It was enough.

Isaac loves the water. It is the first place he wants to go. He strips off his shirt, pulls the sandals off, and goes right in. Sand toys can wait, this boy wants to feel the cold water!

Selah is pulled in both directions. She likes the water, but really only if she is ATTACHED to a parent at the time. After she gets her water fix, it's sand toys all the way.

Tali on the other hand really isn't interested in the water. Except to throw the occasional rock into. She tried it once, found it cold, and hasn't really been interested since. Now sand toys, *those* she loves. If only her thumb wouldn't get so's so hard to properly suck one's thumb when it is covered with sand.

Elijah, well, he cried. Once momma held him, reassured him, comforted him - all was well. I think it was the wind. The wind, the sand and three sibling playing in the sand nearby. Again, sandy binkie is *not* good.
The lake is rocky until you get out a bit. Tali has these great "beach" shoes (not sure of the technical name) that I am determined to find in all sizes to accomodate my whole family (myself included). Right now, we just wear our sandals in the water.

There weren't any big barges going by this evening. Nor any sailboats (I think it was the wind). You could make out Canada in the distance one way, and follow the Michigan shoreline up the "thumb" the other way.
Gorgeous, just gorgeous!
*Michigan Momma*


Shari said...

The beach looks so beautiful. I love seeing Tali's pretty red hair blowing in the wind. And that chubby little baby! You are definitely not starving him while losing weight.

Dean B. said...

What's Up with that Shari, no comments about your handsome BIL frolecking in the water?

Hehe! C-Ya Sis.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your Blog and have been enjoying it. I, too, am a Michigan Momma, but on the other side of the state along Lake Michigan, near Grand Rapids-Holland.

Keep up the good work!