Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blood tests, vitamins & the "good guys"

The blood test is just a simple CBC for myself, just as an annual check-up kind of thing. My blood pressure is still good (120/80) and I feel just fine - but my DO wants a base-line on some of the normal stuff (cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.). Oh, and they'll do a test for my thyroid function - something I've long wanted to do. Since having my fourth baby, I've really wanted to check and make sure things aren't messed up in that department.

Let's see....then she recommended a Complex B vitamin for energy, a Fish Oil for Omega 3 & 6, and some of those probiotic...umm...what'cha'ma'call'it?!? You know, "good" bacteria so your body can properly fight off the "bad guy" bacteria. I'm *still* struggling with thrush (as is Elijah - on and off) so I'm hoping this will help. Coupled with a new CREAM for myself - the plan is it will *stick* better than the suspension, thus helping it to work more effectively on my...well...you know.

Last but not least, my wonderful dh and I are headed to the eye doc this evening. Dean wants to change up his look a bit with a different style of glasses. I'm opting for contacts this time. I've had 'em in the past. I went with glasses last time, in a nice funky style of green - but since I'm losing weight, I'd like everyone to SEE my ever-skinnier face. You know, cheek bones and all that. I *know* I have them somewhere!!

Dh and I went off the diet this past weekend - I went out with some girlfriends on Friday night, then we had a cookout at our place on Sat. (plus out for ice cream later), then a trip to a Mongolian BBQ after church on Sunday. While we usually go out after church, all the rest was TOTALLY falling off the bandwagon. So I've not lost any more...YET! But I've got "mini-goals" I am trying to make throughout the summer. I've got to be pretty strict over the next 3 weeks to make my next mini-goal. I'll let ya know how that's going later.

I've got my garage all set up for a garage sale - now I just need to price things over the next few days. I'm PURGING (Holly, you are inspiring me - plus the link you had on your blog) and trying to really determine if I truly "love it" or truly "need it". The last time we had a garage sale, my dh got so excited he just kept going through the house, grabbing various items and saying "hey, sell it, sell it, sell it all!!". At least he's not a pack-rat!! Now we just need nice weather - this town is a garage-saler's dream! I hope to make enough to totally pay for our trip to see my folks, any food we eat while there, gas, iced coffees, a dairy farm trip, etc.etc.etc. Whew...good luck to me!

Time to attack some more laundry, the dishes, and make myself BEAUTIFUL! Dh will be home soon. I really do miss him every single day while he's at work. My eldest daughter says almost daily, "I miss daddy" with a large, pathetic sigh. I just give her a big 'ol hug and say, "Me too, baby, me too". *sigh* We're pathetic, but we really do miss that Michigan Man of mine!

Ok, have a beautiful day everyone!! Hugs and kisses to the ones you love~
*Michigan Momma*

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Ken said...

Careful how you say "Michigan man" young lady! We can't have any Wolverines gettin any ideas! LOL