Thursday, June 21, 2007

New things to talk about

Can you guess why this is *new*??

Yup, I got a haircut! Actually, I got a different haircut two days ago - didn't like it and had her go to this one. It's nice and cool for summer, although Dean is already requesting longer hair in the future.

I couldn't decide which picture to put up, so here are all the pics I took of my own head...silly, I know...

Hmmm....I like the yellow-ish light....

Oh, and new shoes. LOOK at these *adorable* new shoes!! I don't own a THING they will go with, but I have some fabric......I bet it will match perfectly.....another skirt to sew up!

And here are just some basic red sandals. I wear a lot that goes with red, I guess.

It also appears we will be moving - rather quickly! So we are on the "rent-hunt". Not necessarily the most fun to do in the world, but I do enjoy all the de-cluttering and organization that moving requires - at least I know we will be rid of all our useless junk and clutter!!

Probably more to talk about, but baby is fussing, kiddos need to get ready for bed, dishes to do, and Dean is at a meeting I'd like it all to be done when he gets home.

~Enjoying the cooler weather while it lasts~
*Michigan Momma*


Dad said...


You look great! I like my girls with Red Hair. Give those babies a hug & kiss from grandpa. See you all soon.

Janet said...

Cute haircut!!! Let us know more about your move!

Holly said...

You have the sweetest parents.

Could I borrow them? Wow!

Cute hair! Cute shoes! :)

Congrats on Forty One pounds. Wow, Lori - THAT is amazing! you look wonderful!

Mrs Pea said...

I like the cute cut, and I can see how well you are doing with the weight loss. Way to go!

Tess said...

LOVE your hair!!

Love YOU too!!

See you soon. We are going to Great America with Shari and the kids tomorrow. I scored two free tickets on free cycle. Yeah!

Love, Mom

Julie said...


Mrs. Rabe said...

Very cute haircut and shoes!