Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Migraines & Convictions

Totally unrelated.

But that's what's going on right now. I'm struggling with a three-day migraine that is showing no signs of abating. I can manage the pain with pills, but that's getting really old. I'm going to up my water. Oh ya, I'm also going to beg a Tim Horton's before church tonight - you know, for MEDICINAL purposes, not because I really like their iced cappachinos, no, not *that*!

As to the convictions, well, I don't have the time to really get into it all, but let's just say....well, God has spoken to me (through my dh - now that's just NOT fair) and I am forced to listen. I have some reading to do, so I'll get back to you about all this as soon as possible.

Love to you all~

*Michigan Momma*

~p.s.~ The renting hunt is going NOWHERE. Bummer. I'm trusting in the Lord, almost as strongly as my amazing dh, and I do know it's going to be okay. But I do have to say I'm SHOCKED at the prices of renting - and what people/landlord's consider a good house. I'd hardly consider most of them *decent*. We are once again considering an apartment, a 3 bedroom, just for a year or two - until we can go ahead and buy our own home. The one I will view tomorrow is over 1200 sq. feet - we've lived in homes smaller than that - so I'll give it a try. Knowing it's just for one or two years helps me deal with it in stellar fashion!! I can do this, be organized, and live *just fine* in a 3-bedroom apartment. For now....*grins*


Tess said...


Remember...God doesn't lead you where He won't keep you.


Anneatheart said...

Hey Lori, sorry about the migraines. I have to say I've never had one so I know I don't know what you're dealing with. I have heard that migraines seem to abate during pregnancy for some reason...maybe it's hormone related or something. Hope you're doing better now :)


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

feel better soon.
p.s. i really enjoy your blog. thanx!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the migraines from a migraine sufferer. Those ones that last for days are killers!

Good luck on the renting. We lived in an apartment until we bought our home, and it has its benefits. We were able to be in a nice neighborhood compared with where we would have had to be to have a duplex or a house- prices around here are shocking too.

becominglikehim said...

Let me just say, "Convictions Stink"...and like most things that stink something has to be done with them. I know, I know, convictions are for our own good but I know how difficult they are...I keep getting faced with my "self" during these convictions and it is so difficult to get "me" out of the way so that I can learn what I need to learn....I keep wanting to justify myself or mosttimes I want someone to pat me and tell me "it's o.k., you are a really cool and strong person" and yada, yada, yada,.... Anyway, I'll probably be posting soon too about all of this stinky stuff!! Hang in there!!