Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daily Organization

Do you remember the free piano we received not that long ago? This one:

Well, my eldest daughter is showing a real gift in this area. She will play all day long if allowed to, she easily picks up little-diddies (all her father and I really know are little-diddies) super quick, and is starting to make up her own little-diddies!! It's really cool to listen to her as she experiments with different notes together. It's also amazing to me that she doesn't just use her two "pointer" fingers - she actually uses all her fingers to play! Wow!!

So anyways, I have been instructed by my dh to make sure she has music lessons twice a week worked into our home education plan for this year. I will be teaching her some basic music theory stuff, and having her go through age appropriate piano books. I have already asked a piano teacher at church for tips about teaching young children. I'm excited!!

Right now, I have a basic schedule for education: Interlock 3 days a week, Phonics the other 2 days, along with music on those days as well. Interlock has all subjects, including math, so we are set there. Next year, when we move on to the Weaver Volumes, I will be adding Math-U-See to the curriculum choices. My children are just beginning KINDERGARTEN this year and already I can see their own styles and personal tendencies coming out. There's no WAY they would receive a personalized education, that caters to their own strengths and weaknesses, in a public or even private school. I am *very* happy about our decision to homeschool, even if right now I am a bit scared and anxious about it. It's a lot to think about.....

So today, I'm going to try to get my schedule down on paper. Dh may be getting me a nice planner, with room for education stuff, plus day to day activites, appointments, etc. That would be great! ~ I would also like to have a garage sale (piggy-backing on a local neighborhood sale) so I need to go through the house and gather appropriate items. We just moved 5 months ago, but it's amazing how much "stuff" I will probably be able to get together!!

I also got out the closet door safety locks today. So now, all but ONE of the kid's closets can be locked up. That means, during their room time, they will have ONE closet with toys in it to play with and then clean up. I'll change which closet they have access to every so often. I'm hoping this lessens stress at clean up time.

Ok, well, I need to get my house in order, move the laundry around, get lunch on the table and nurse the problem......

~be back later~
*Michigan Momma*

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