Tuesday, June 12, 2007

not ignoring you!

Hi y'all,

I'm not missing in action or anything....I'm just busy.

This past weekend was a busy one, having lots of fun with daddy during his days off. The kids have also taken turns being slightly ill (usually just a minor fever that makes them pretty tired). I have also noticed some, well, shall we say, less-than-perfect attitudes and behaviors in my children that need attention. For instance, Talitha has decided that when she doesn't want to obey me, she simply sits down, shakes her head emphatically and says "NO, NO, NO!!". Not exactly the behavior and attitude we are striving towards, eh?

So this week I am in attitude-adjustment mode. I am also reading my Teaching Tips & Techinique book that I purchased from the Weaver curriculum. I will be setting up a new basic schedule, which will include our education times, chore times, etc. I have also been making extra efforts to figure out which of my four children needs their "Momma Tank" refilled and doing just that: with a snuggle on the couch, or time to build a train track set, or simply read a book (over and over and over again).

With all this going on, I simply haven't had time to blog (imagine that?). I also haven't had time to tackle the laundry (and I *like* laundry!). I need to get a good schedule going that actually gives me some "me-time" to recharge as well. Maybe some time to actually play my clarinet - *gasp*

So there ya go - summary: I'm busy.

AND, we are tying to find a place closer to the church, to rent. Hopefully, we can be all moved and settled in by the time our "official" homeschooling begins (whenever *that* is supposed to be? I think when Isaac turns 6). Since we'll be educating with phonics this summer, I'm not all that neurotic about a start date anyways....Daddy's main vacation time (read: one whole month off of seminary) is Sept. so I'm not too hip about starting Sept. 1st anyways.

Lots to think about, lots to plan, lots to implement...
~relying on Him~
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. weight has been fluctuating these last few days, up and down the same few pounds - since I do tend to eat more on the weekends, this is expected. I'm still aiming for a few pounds each week. I have specific goals set for this summer (so-much by a wedding I'm attending, so-much-more by a family trip in Sept., etc) and if I'm not extremely diligent, I'll never make them. I set them up TOUGH! We shall see....keep an eye on the ticker up there and hold me accountable, please!! In love - of course! ~lori


Shari said...

The thought of your moving again puts me into a cold sweat and I have nothing to do with it! I don't know how you do it. As far as attitudes go, we are dealing with much of the same thing here. As soon as one behavior is dealt with, another quickly emerges. I don't know that it ever gets "better"~just different.

Are you getting excited about homeschooling coming up? Even though we school throughout the summer, I still miss our busier homeschool days and am already looking forward to fall. Summer is just so hectic.

I'm glad your diet is going well. Keep up the good work. If I ever get to talk to you on a regular basis, I wouldn't have to write a book in your comment section.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
We're going through a lot of the same things this way. If you figure out how to tell who needs Mama time when let me know - it seems that all five of mine need me all the time.

Last week my husband and I "dropped the hammer" when it came to attitudes around here and it really helped. He's gone this week and it needed to be done before he left.

I'm also trying to lose weight - five babies in five years did a number on my body. the past few weeks have been pretty good but I "fell off the wagon" yesterday big time - it's hard when my best hold-me-accountable person is out of town - but I'm back on track today. I have a family vacation coming up in a month and have a pretty tough goal to meet too.

Any hoo, your post just resonated with me today. Have a great day!
p.s. I'm really glad you're blogging again!

*MichiganMomma* said...

Shari, Amazingly, I'm not stressed about moving. Moving always forces me to be organized - I *love* that!!

I'm super excited about educating Isaac! I will be making up a schedule tonight - wish me luck!!

SOOO understand about all the babies needing Momma ALL the time! Right now, I'm just making an effort to love on each one INDIVIDUALLY each day. When they begin to understand that Momma *will* spend some one on one time with them each day - they begin to accept the times when you are busy with one of their siblings. Great way to help teach them patience and sharing and compassion and such!

As to the eating thing - SOOOOO hard!! I too "fell off the wagon" last night (I was probably too stressed out about my current situation - read my latest post). I'm even more determined today though, which is great! I'll be praying for you, as I can *totally* relate!

God Bless~