Saturday, June 16, 2007

Various Pics

Just some random pics from recently....

Our backyard, visiting with neighbors, having a fire & dinner.

Isaac Benjamin, enjoying his father's creation of manly!

He sits *exactly* like his grandfather - EXACTLY! It's amazing!

Elijah is also enthralled with Daddy's fire.

Talitha enjoying family time~

A beautiful snapshot of Grammy, Eli & big sissy Selah kisses.

I could share more, but I'm recovering from our big ol' Father's Day outing yesterday. We had a great time at a friend's farm, complete with horsies, goats, puppy dogs, chickens, a pig, a few skittish cats, a sandbox, delicious food, a swingset, some comfy chairs outside for visiting, new friends, good conversation and adorable dirt-covered babies!! Of course, we also had a poopy four-year old (ick), a seriously dirty two-year old, a disobedient five-year old, and a foot stepped on by a Belgium (sp?) pony (ouch!). Overall though, the good by FAR outweighed the bad!

I am also planning a garage sale for this coming Thurs/Fri/Sat. There is a local neighborhood sale and I am piggy-backing off of it, hoping since people are out at that sale, they will take the time to cross the street and come to my house too!! This way, I'm hoping to avoid having to pay to advertise in the paper. I'll just make up some signs. Dh is getting me some tables from church (I hope) and I must prepare the rest. It is AMAZING to me that we *just* moved five months ago, where I seriously decluttered all our stuff, and I *still* have enough for a good garage sale this weekend. We do indeed live in a country of excess.

I also have a two-year old showing signs of interest in the potty. I'm really hoping this will encourage my four-year old to finally finish her own potty-training. I'm mean, who wants to be shown up by their little sissy??

One last thing, if you will, take a look at the ticker up there. I am almost to the 40 lbs. lost mark - Whoo-hoo!! My wonderful dh finally took the plunge and told me this morning he will be joining me on this journey. He and I lost quite a bit of weight before we got preggo with Elijah (and then promptly gained it all back during the pregnancy) - so I'm really hoping we can be an encouragement to one another again and get this weight off for good! No more using pregnancy as an excuse (if the Lord should so choose to bless us again).

Ok, really, one LAST thing: in case you didn't already know, Elijah has been sleeping through the night for quite some time now. Another big WHOO-HOO!! It's amazing how much this improves things around here, to have momma, oops, I mean baby, sleeping through the night. Yeah!!

Lovin' my Michigan life~
*Michigan Momma*

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Mrs Pea said...

Lori, many congratulations on such awesome weight loss. I am proud of you as I know how hard it can be. Forty pounds is a lot and you're amazing! With dh also on board I am sure the mutual support and desire to stay ahead will help too. Way to go!