Saturday, July 21, 2007

Are you a Lurker??

Ok, I am *totally* stealing from Cassandra, over at It's a Wonderful Life (yet again) ~ but she has just been having some really great ideas! I think my brain is on hold until we get this latest move done and over with ~ so until that time, I'm going to have to rely on Cassandra (among others) to help me with creative/fun/necessary ideas and projects.'s project is simple. Leave me a coment. Even if it's just a 'hey, I visit here occasionally', or 'it's ME', or whatever. If you're a lurker, time to let me know you're here! To someone who blogs, it's just nice to get a feel for who is actually out there reading.

And like Cassandra said, maybe there aren't any lurkers out there. That's fine ~ I don't have a problem with a small audience, these are just the thoughts of ONE woman, in ONE situation. But still, it's nice to know, ya know??

Anyone can comment, not just blogger people, no account necessary. Let me know who you are, or where you are, or what you do, or how you found me, or why you read. Let me know what you'd like me to blog about, or what you'd like to hear more of. I'm even up for some (loving) criticism....I think.

So come on, go click on Comments. Go on, you can do it. There ya go...
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. the one good thing about moving again: decluttering. I am getting rid of absolutely everything that I don't *love*. Things that I've just hung onto..because...well....I don't know.....HISTORY! I always feel more calm in my spirit with less *stuff*. We'll talk more later....


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i check your blog everyday, sometimes twice. i love blogs and yours is very nice. :)

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Lurking...first time...surfing through from Holly's place.

Vicky said...

Hi there :)

My name is Vicky and I'm a lurker *gasp!* :D

There, I've admitted it. Whew, that felt great! ;)

Just a lowly "neighbor" I guess, here in Wisconsin.

You have a great blog! :)

Hope the move goes well - we have the possibility of a move and it's frightening me! All that packing (with an 8 month old who loves to be held constantly....) But yes, de-cluttering is awesome!

Anonymous said...

lol.... I went almost a whole week without writing anything, so I haven't *really* been having any good ideas! don't worry- it doesn't bother me, steal away! ~Cassandra

becominglikehim said...

It's me over at becominglikehim...Holly referred me because of the things we have in commom...(I watch for you at Wal-mart) ;D

I check your site regularly

Theresa said...

Well let's see ... what do we have in common? I'm a Christian, homeschool mom of 6, and live in Michigan!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker too. You might recognize my username over on LAF; I'm amytech.
Just another Michigan momma like you with 4 kids and a homeschooler too!
Love your blog and your down-to-earth refreshing writing.
Hope your move goes smoothly! Lovin't this weather we are having in MI!

Tess said...

Now let's see, why would I read your blog...Oh Yea, I'm your Mother!

And I love you and I miss you and I love Dean and I love all my babies and I like to hear what you're thinking/up to and I'm proud of you and you have some good insights and ideas and so on and so forth...


p.s. what do we have in about genes?!

Janet said...

I'm here nearly everyday!! Love you guys alot!!!! We have a new granddaughter ~~ Coral Jade ~~ 7/22 5:20 a.m. 7 lbs. 3 oz. 20" Lots of dark hair!! Love these grandchildren!! Janet

Kelly said...

I'm not a lurker, because I've commented before. You might recognize me from the LAF board. :)


Ken said...

I'm not actually here. I'm a figment of your VIVID imagination.

I visit because I love you and my brother and my BEAUTIFUL nieces and nephews. I visit because I couldn't have picked a greater helper and partner for my brother. A greater mother for my nieces and nephews.

Continue to "work out your faith" sis. We'll never know it all here on earth. We learn as we grow.


MOMMA TESS.....Praying for you!! My love to you and Papa S.

Anonymous said...

I visit from time to time. I'm another Michigan Momma, homeschool my 6 children and I like your writing style.

Keep up the good work!

Shari said...

Outside of sharing genes and being a fellow homeschooler, we couldn't be more different. But I do read and enjoy your blog almost daily because I love to see what my big sis and her family is up to.

Julie said...

You are my kindred spirit so I have to check in as often as possible. LOL.


Sarah said...

I'm a lurker who visits every so often. I found you through Holly's site. I have a twin sister living in Michigan (We are Kansas girls) and your name caught my eye. Seems we have a lot in common, though. My husband and I are also children's (& family!) pastors. Your latest comment at Seeking Faithfulness brought me back over to say hi!

Thirdtimemomma said...

I've lurked once or twice or three times. :) Im addicted to blogs :)

I got here from another blog.. But I actually comment on that one. ;)

Thirdtimemomma said...

I have been meaning to post on your Large Family?? post but forgot so here goes...

We are a family of four as well all 6 and under. We get refused at hotels all the time!! One hotel told us that they dont allow babies and toddlers to stay at the hotel. Even when the Husband offered to pay for the suite! And I can never get through the store with out the ever present, "Wow you have your hands full" and "so glad Im not you". If my kids couldnt hear I wouldnt care but they can and they ask "mommy why dont they want to be you?" I just tell them that they didnt have well behaived children like I do.. ;)

Okay enough venting.. Have you heard of Charlotte Mason? Her style of homeschooling might go along with your notebooking very nicely. Check out amblesidonline (dot) com.

Blessings again

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori,
I read your blog when I have a spare minute (which is about once a month ha!) I miss you and people at church still ask me about how you are doing. I don't know why they think that I have the inside scoop.
In His Hands, Beth