Friday, July 20, 2007

Music: Religious: Jewish

It was through these sub-headings that I found the current song on my blog.

I *love* it ~ it totally makes me smile when I open up the page. I love listening to the tone and depth of the clarinet. I love the groove. It just makes me smile.

And I'm beginning to think I need to do more around here to make me smile. Little things that I *love* around the house - afterall, this *is* my domain. It should make me smile whenever I walk through the door. Things don't have to be perfect or expensive ~ they just have to be unique little diddies that make me smile.

A crocheted blankie in someone's favorite colors, a funky skirt I pulled together out of extra fabric in my stash, a chipped yet wonderful BIG coffee cup I *love* to use, my children's pictures as our "artwork" on the walls.

Things WE love. You don't have to, it's not your house nor your life. No one really has to love it but me and my dh (and our babies can pick things they love too). I never really thought I cared all that much what other people thought...

Yet being a PW, I think it has negatively affected me in this way. I started caring (maybe just too much) what other people think. I mean, yes, I realize people in the church (and some outside the church) will look more critically at us. Comes with the territory, I guess. But the thing is, this is our beautiful life - one the Lord has given to us, and I believe He wants us to love it, to enjoy it, to smile at it. My smiles have been absent as of late. I spent too much time thinking about whether "other" people thought. *sigh* I honestly don't think the Lord would have that for my life.

So I'm starting here at my blog. No, it's not the latest pop Christian song. No, it's not the most critically acclaimed jazzy-fusion funk number. It's just something I heard that I really like. It something that makes me smile.


*Michigan Momma*


becominglikehim said...

The PW thing is so very hard. I've had several conversations with other PW's about the "invisible job description in the sky" for PW's. It seems to exist in different forms and fasions in everyone's mind...I mean, really, can anyone locate a PW job description in ancient church history???? There are as many different PW's as there are P's. We just have to keep Proverbs 31 in focus...So, march on sister and smile, smile, smile...and groove a little too!!

becominglikehim said...

Ya know????, that music is growing on me.

becominglikehim said...

O.K., just tell me to go away and get a life, but, this music is sooo cool 'cause I can hear the "Jewish" yet, it does'nt "seem" seems, well, kinda, jazzy, ya know, groooovy man, yeah, outa site!

jengresak said...

YAY!! You got a standing ovation this morning -lol. Have a great weekend : )

Anonymous said...

You go girl. I know exactly what you mean, and can relate Sooooo much to what you are saying- my smiles have also been a little, um, scarce lately. I am trying to work on that- I am trying to work on every aspect of my life right now- being a good wife, (easier said than done) being a better Mommy than I am now, (I mean, sure, you can keep them fed and bathed, but the training and laughing and loving part....whew) and just becoming closer to the Lord. I feel like I am scraping myself raw trying to do these things- but life is always a refining process, right? I am right here on the journey alongside of you, sister! = )
It's a Wonderful Life

Ken said...

In some SMALL way, when you stand before Father, you may have to answer for how other people saw you based on decisions/actions you made. That whole, "...better to have a large rock tied around your neck....".

But first and foremost, you will have to answer for the disciple you were, the wife you were, and the mother you were. Think on such things my lovely sister-in-law.

my .02(or less)~

Julie said...

Honestly... this is one of the few blogs that the music does not annoy me. I like this music. Alot.
Hubby actually said something to me tonight about smiling more. It seems we get bogged down in day to day and forget to take joy in it.