Wednesday, July 18, 2007

That storm I mentioned...

Right after I posted about my clarinet, we got hit by a storm ~ just a bit of lightning and thunder, but TONS of rain. Btw, we don't *normally* have ponds in our yard. Check it out....

We sent it to the local news station, so we'll see if they use it (that means I'll actually have to *watch* the news - usually it just depresses me).

In other news, I have decided not to use contacts right now - glasses are just easier. No solution, no worrying about tearing them while cleaning, no dry eyes, etc. I'm just gonna go get some funky glasses, yeah! I love funky glasses!!
Speaking of eyes, part of my decision against contacts is the trial period of wearing contacts I just went through. I kept getting things in my eyes, or they were dry, or whatever. They just bugged me, both trial pairs I tried. I even got some gunky infection or something. My eye was puffed up beyond belief for about 2-3 days. We were headed to a wedding the following day, so I asked my dh how noticable the swelling still was. He studied my eyes for a moment, then honestly told me he did think it was that noticable at all. I was still in a bit of pain/annoyance from it - basically I didn't believe him.
I took a pic of myself, just to confirm. Hmmm....what do you think???
Nooooooooo Lori, you can hardly tell......
*sigh* He's usually such an observant man.....
~looking forward to new glasses~
*Michigan Momma*


Ken said...

I used to get infections from wearing contacts. Actually I discovered it was the cleaning solution I was using. It was so bad sometimes that my eyes would be completely matted shut in the morning! ewwww

I decided to try the "no rub" kind for sensitive eyes and also use simple saline solution for sensitive eyes for rinsing off the contacts before sticking them in. I've had no such problems since. My eyes still get a little dry sometimes, but I just use the saline solution that I put into a small bottle so I can carry it in my pocket.

I now prefer contacts to glasses, but I also now have "Night and Day" contacts that can be worn for like a month at a time!

Kiss the kids for me!

becominglikehim said...

Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing the glasses! I don't need glasses but ever since I was a kid I have wanted them! I love them (o.k. just the "look" of them). My husband has assured me that I don't want them, really. Well, maybe someday, when I'm old I'll need them....

Anonymous said...

Hey, blog along with me- we'll keep each other accountable! I, too, also have another 'baby', my flute. Since I have had kids, it too has been on a shelf. I just don't have the time, as much as I wished I did. Just another area in my life I would love to 'spiffy up' a bit- having more time for my music! But seriously, I know you know exactly what I mean when I say that I am overwhelmed right now- having four kids in six years does that to ya a bit. = ) That's why I am determined- I will have a much better week next week! Otherwise, I might just pack myself and Chloe up and go stay the night in a hotel somewhere. = ) NO, I really wouldn't do that. Sheesh..... = )

Julie said...

Maybe he can only see your beauty. LOL.
My husband does the same thing. Thankfully my girls are getting old enough to clue me in a little better.