Monday, July 9, 2007

What is normal anyway?

We are back from our trip to NW Indiana. I think we're all allergic! Four out of the six of us got all sinus-y icky issues while there. Yuck! Ok, well, my parents will just have to move here!

We had a great time ~ but we also learned just how difficult some day trips can be with four little ones. Even with three adults!! Everything is just more complicated with nursings, diaper changes, messy eaters, car seats, no naps, etc.etc.etc. I'll post various pics just to give you a general idea of our fun!

In other news, we found a place to rent!! Whoo-hoo!! It will save us $150 per month AND it's not nasty! It's actuallty quite nice. We took a few pics so here are some of those. I especially like the bathroom tile. We are still trying to figure out where to place the larger furniture. As soon as we sign the contract, we will start slowly moving things over to the new place (about a 15 min drive). Dh is getting me some boxes to get started!! I enjoy moving - if only for the decluttering and cleaning aspects. I love figuring out how to 'make things work' in a new place. Although some day, we'll build our own place and we *really* settle down. Someday....

Ok, time to go get to the mountain of laundry from our trip. And getting things packed up to move. Yeah!!

God Bless & I'll blog as I have time~
*Michigan Momma*
p.s. Here's a pic of my girls: The Babushka SuperHeros. We read a story about a Babushka (grandma), but they also wanted to be superheros. Hence the headcoverings & capes ~ fun!


becominglikehim said...

Hey, thanks for the updates and the pics were fun! I've been wonderin' when you would get back. The new place looks great! The bathroom is very shiney (sp?):)
I'm glad that's settled!! Happy laundry!

becominglikehim said...

Hey!!!! I was just looking back over the pics and was thinking that the big red building looked the market in Elkhart??? My husband is from there. That place is new and I've been wonderin' what it's like!

*MichiganMomma* said...

Yup, that's the one! We had a great time, but I'd like to try it again without so many little ones. It would just make it easier to stroll around and look at all the interesting, homemade items.
And the food, oh, the FOOD! Lots of Amish or Mennonite homemade food. Hence the reason why my weight ticker has stayed the same recently. I'm still trying to get that number to go back DOWN will happen...eventually.

Anonymous said...

So glad you found something at a better rate! Your new home looks lovely!

Kelly said...

That's so funny, I was going to ask if it was in Elkhart, too. We live in S.B., but haven't made it to the new market yet.

Anneatheart said...

I know all about not-so-fun day trips with lots of littles! It's getting easier now, but I generally avoided the 'fun' :)

I like the new house, especially the white kitchen, with a dishwasher!

Good luck with the moving- I moved in March and I still don't have my clock or pictures up- I hate moving!

Anonymous said...

I am giving you the Blogger Reflection award! Go on over to my site to read up on all the details! ~Cassandra
It's A Wonderful Life